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 Artemise, The Shadow Mage

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Shadow Mage
Shadow Mage

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PostSubject: Artemise, The Shadow Mage   Fri Sep 02, 2016 12:16 pm

General Information:
Name: Artemise
Alias: Wielder of Shadow Magic
Nickname: Arty, Arte
Gender: Female
Age: 25
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Species: Dragon
Faction: The Shadow Alliance
Rank: Mage


Scale/Feather/etc Appearance: Rounded, and a very dark purple.
Height: 100 feet
Weight: 10, 000 kg.
Length: 200 feet
Wingspan: 210 feet
Eye colour: Brilliant violet
Appearance: She has a narrow head which is unmarked by any ridges. It is smooth and warm, pleasant to the touch. Her eyes are a brilliant violet, but they are shades lighter than the scales on her body. Protruding from the back of her head are two white horns, which curve backwards. Right in front of her horns, at the top of her head, are spikes that stick straight up, giving her an intimidating look. They are, like her scales, a dark purple in colour.

Her spikes end right in front of her wings, but on her back, there are spines the colour of a pearl (gleaming white), which have a tough membrane connecting them. Her underbelly has a special pattern, which consists of many sets of two lines running down her underbelly and meeting at a point. Her body is slender and elegant, slimmer than most, but her body is sturdy. In fact, she is rather strong, despite her seemingly fragile figure.

She has a set of leathery wings with dark purple colouring their insides and white, the color of the spines on her back, colouring the outer side of her wings. Her limbs are long and graceful, with wickedly sharp claws that curve backwards. And her tail is long and whip-like, with some more spines decorating one part of it. The spines are white and have a tough membrane connecting them, like those on her back, and they are rather...splayed. She can flare them or lay them flat against her tail, depending on how she wants to look.


~Combat in the air. I will not explain this. Because I have no idea how to do so. And my explanations are crappy

~Art. She paints with her claw or the tip of her tail; she has a colour palette. She originally wanted to use a brush, but she couldn't find one big enough for her, so she had to make do with her tail and claws. She has a canvas, too. Plenty of them, in fact.

~Exploring. She loves to find out new things, especially places, and thus she is often seen in other territories, especially dangerous ones. She has a liking for risk.

~Reading. It takes her into a whole new world, which she enjoys, and she loves reading about new characters.

~Flying. She loves the brush of wind against the scales, and she loves the way she feels free in the air.


~Rude/Arrogant/Selfish dragons/Show-offs. She has almost zero tolerance for these types of dragons; chuck her in a room with one and the other dragon will definitely end up in a bad state.

~Damp places. She can accept water, but not water in a humid place that makes her feel soggy and squishy, like in a forest after raining. She will do anything to avoid going to a rainforest.

~Worms, slugs, leeches. She finds them unpredictable and they make her feel all squirmy. She'll do anything to avoid going close to them; they are one of the reasons why she avoids places with those disgusting things.


~Conflicts. She often fears that relationships will be destroyed due to conflicts.


~Only one, and that is failure.

Personality: Artemise tends to act recklessly and on impulse, despite all the responsibilities of having magic heaped on her. She doesn't really strategise, preferring to just charge into a situation like a bull and "wing it". Sometimes she succeeds, but the majourity of her attempts to deal with situations by "winging it" are mostly failures. Though she is confident of herself when she does things, she loses all confidence and becomes a pessimist when she fails; she will become the polar opposite of her usual self: a rather depressing dragon to be around, but her so-called "mini-depression" is temporary and lasts for a really short while. Soon, she will be back to normal, and running off to "wing" other situations. One thing that doesn't get into her head is that she needs to plan.

Despite her tendency to rush into things, she is actually a friendly, enthusiastic dragoness who is easy to talk to. She is very open, and one can read her like a book. Literally. She speaks in a blunt, outright way, and is never afraid to state her opinion, as she isn't afraid of insults. When she was younger, she was rudely remarked about and scolded so many times that insults seem bounce off her.

Though Artemise is very trusting of others, it is not easy to gain her loyalty. However, once her loyalty is gained by someone else, he/she will find a fiercely loyal dragoness, always willing to serve, or help out. She also has a strong sense of justice, which is irritating to others, sometimes.

Artemise's emotions are sometimes like an unpredictable storm. One moment she can be happy, and the other moment she can be furiously shouting at someone else. Some call her a bipolar; others call her a crazy idiot. However, her sudden shift of moods only happens sometimes...so she isn't a "complete" bipolar. One thing we know, though, is that she is quick to lose her temper. She holds grudges, but only according to how badly she was offended. Also an impatient dragoness, she can't stand slow progress or ANYTHING related to slowness.

Although she seems to be rather happy, she can be sarcastic if she wants to.

Family (Blood): All deceased
Family (In-laws): Also all deceased
Mate: N/A...for the time being.
Hatchlings: No mate = no hatchlings
Breed: Pureblooded NightScale

History: Artemise's parents abandoned her egg, for whatever reason, she doesn't know. Her egg was dumped on the border of The Shadow Kingdom's territory, and thankfully a dragon came along, found her egg, and took care of her. She hatched a day later, and she was taken good care of. But one day, the one who acted like a parent to her got killed by a FireScale rogue who had gone mad. Thankfully, she had the sense to hide, and her life was spared. That was was a fateful day. That day was the first time she had to take care of her own self. She tried, but failed, and had to go without food for around 3 days, and she was starving by the time she tried to hunt. She killed a rabbit, but as soon as she killed it, a wolf sprang from the bushes and stole her food.

That was when another wolf came by and attacked the wolf that had stolen her food. The wolf who wasn't carrying the carcass of the rabbit was huge, towering over the other, and it savagely attacked the smaller one. Artemise had seen bloodshed before, when her adopted father had gotten killed, but that didn't mean she got used to it. She stared at the carcass of the smaller wolf, dripping blood, and vomited all over a bush. The larger one came to her, its teeth smeared with gore and blood, and she whimpered, thinking that she was going to die.

Little did she know that the wolf was going to care for her.

The brute, though it was fierce, had an unusual motherly nature, and he took care of Artemise. She soon grew used to the ways of the wolf, and could hunt like one, but then came the day when she was enormous compared to them. That was the day when she realised that she would have to leave the wolves. With a pat on the brute and his cubs' head, she gave them one last glance before leaving. No one came after her, and she felt rather lonely as she entered the territory of The Shadow Kingdom. No one noticed her, and using the skills she had learnt from the wolves, she managed to survive.


~Aerial combat. She has practiced plenty. Practice makes perfect, right? And since she is slim, she can zip around in the air pretty easily.

~Good memory. She can remember almost everything, especially the tactics of battle, which she applies in actual combat. This helps in both combat and exploration. And maybe other things.

~(Mental strength) A will of iron. She doesn't really give up easily. What she wants, what she will get.

~Since she grew up with wolves, and went through many things that the usual dragon don't go through, she has developed a pretty strong instinct for survival, and can survive most situations to tell the tale. She also can hunt and fight better than the normal dragon.

~Art, if it's counted. Her drawings/paintings are not bad, and tend to look pretty realistic. They are based on her surroundings.


~Tiny lung capacity. She can go without oxygen for only 50 seconds.

~Panics easily. Hit her with a huge spray of water, and she will panic. Then she will be able to go without oxygen for only 30 seconds.

~Has sensitive eyes. She is more prone to blindness caused by sudden bursts of light/bright light.

~Her scales have no resistance against fire. After consistent exposure to fire for 5 minutes, her scales will melt, and her tender pink skin will be exposed. Or if they dry on wrong parts of her body, it makes her uncomfortable as well. She will need a week to regrow her scales.

~Has a weaker immune system. Poison/venom will deal 2 times more damage than it will deal to the average dragon's.

~Bad balance. Yes, she can fly well, but bump against her once and she will plummet to the ground, where death will greet her. As for being on the ground...well, Arty has her claws firmly stuck into the ground (not really), so she isn't that easy to knock down. But making her stand on unsteady places will also be a disadvantage for her.

~She is built for speed, not resistance. She is more prone to being disabled or wounded severely by power-packed/heavy attacks.

~She is very stubborn and rarely listens to advice. This often leads her into...situations.

~She has a weak spot on her belly. It hurts more if she got hit in the stomach.

Abilities (Magic abilities):

She can create an illusion; that is to say, she can create a wall that shows something else. The wall will surround her "victim", and there will be an illusion of, say, a volcano. The illusion will seem real, for it looks real, and even has the sounds and temperature of the actual thing. On the inside, there will be the illusion that she has created; on the outside, the illusion looks transparent, and you can see the one inside the wall of her illusion. She uses this mainly to confuse her opponents. The thing is that her illusions can be broken through easily. The wall can be passed through by anything (e.g a dragon, a random animal, fire, water, even non-living things), and wind will "blow" it away as if it were smoke. This ability requires full concentration. and she is vulnerable to all attacks while trying to conjure up an illusion.  

Artemise can also conjure up stuff related to darkness and shadows, such as:

-Shadow Armour
»The shadow armour is exactly like the normal armour, with the same resistance as the normal armour against elemental attacks and physical attacks, but it is an ebony black colour, helping the wearer to blend in with dark surroundings. She can conjure up any shape and size of the shadow armour, with any type of designs she wants.
-Mini sculpture
-A shadow sword
»The shadow sword she conjures is the exact same thing as a normal sword, but only with sharper edges, and a black handle and dark purple blade. Like the shadow armour, Artemise can conjure up shadow swords of any shapes, sizes and designs.
-Shadow daggers/knives

In order to conjure up something, Artemise has to picture the thing she wants to conjure up, and then focus on bringing it into existence. If she succeeds, the object will materialise in front of her, at eye level, and drop to the ground. If she fails...well, nothing happens.

~Orb of Protection
This is Arty's (usually) last ditch move. If she has no way to fight back, all she can do is to form an orb around her. She rarely uses his move, as it consumes 95% of whatever energy she has. The orb is an ice blue in colour, and as it slowly appears around her (it has a circumference of 50 feet), her energy will drain as well, and once the orb is fully formed, she will fall asleep in the orb. Although she will be placed in her safe orb, there is no guarantee the orb will break. The orb takes one full minute to form.

Resistance against elemental attacks:

Against fire, it will melt after continuous exposure to fire for one post.
Against earth...well, any type of poison (except modified ones) that is spread on it will cause the orb to dissolve away.
Against wind, the orb will not break unless the orb is thrown into something hard (like a tree trunk, or a stone, or the side of a mountain) with the strength used to snap an ice shard into two; the wind will have to be pretty strong.
Against light, if the light is hot enough (20°C, maybe) the orb will melt.
Against water, if the force of water smashes the orb into something hard (*points to wind resistance) or is as strong as a tsunami, then yes, there goes Arty's orb.
Against ice: please. The orb is basically ice.
Against shadow abilities: NightWings with the shadow ability can literally "slip" through her shield
Against teleportation: NU YOU CAN'T GET IN AT ALL >:C

Resistance against physical attacks:
Sharp stuff (maybe an IceWing's claw, but not the normal un-IceWing's claw. Or maybe a dragon's fangs, or tail spikes) can pierce through it, if enough force is applied.
Ramming/consistently hitting the orb also works. But it depends on the size.

Size and how many hits required:

1~10 feet: nope. It won't work.
11~20 feet: around 55 hits
21~30 feet: around 50 hits
31~40 feet: around 45 hits
41~50 feet: around 40 hits
51~60 feet: around 35 hits
61~70 feet: around 30 hits
71~80 feet: around 25 hits
81~90 feet: around 20 hits
91~100 feet: around 15 hits
101~110 feet: around 10 hits
111~120 feet: around 5 hits
121 feet++: only 1 hit

It can be used once every 3 posts.

~Orbs of Darkness
She can form black orbs and shoot them from her maw. They are crackling with magic; if it hits her target, the target will feel a jolt going through him/her, stunning him/her for 10 precious seconds in which Artemise tries to attacks the other party.

To make the orb of darkness: First, she has to "gather" her gas in her mouth, and after a minute, the  gas will eventually become a ball (size ranges from 5 feet of circumference to 10 feet), which Arty shoots from her maw. The orbs don't track or do anything special; they just shoot forward at a speed equivalent to a baseball being thrown. To break it, just let it smash into a solid wall, or bat it away with a tail, but if too much force is used to bat away the orb, it will shatter (it may be made of magic but it is as solid as a normal object), and bolts of magic will fly everywhere, stunning whatever victim that is in its way (including Artemise). This can be used 5 times per post.

~She can breathe out a gas which, when inhaled, causes the victim to feel some discomfort in their limbs; in other words, it's like having your legs cramping with the pins-and-prickles feeling. This is temporary and can be used once per post, and the effect lasts for only one post as well.

Abilities (Physical abilities):

~Artemise has a whip-thin tail, which she uses to attack the legs of others during combat, hoping to disable them.

~She has razor-sharp claws and fangs, which are deadly weapons. Also, since they are curved, they are good for gripping.

~The spikes on her body make good weapons when she rams her back into someone else.

~She is slim, thus she is able to slip through narrow places, or enter small places.

~She is very flexible, able to bend like a cat.

~She is fast, and can run or fly at a speed of 70MPH.

Sample RP post: Artemise looked around at the barren wasteland surrounding her. No plants, no animals - nothing. She gave a small sigh and trudged forward, wondering whether she would find some clean water to drink. If not...well, then, she would be dead soon, either of hunger or thirst. Whichever decided to doom her first. She unfurled her wings and took into the air, growling a little when hot air hit her. This was so unlike the Shadow Kingdom, where cool air would greet her in the air. In here, it was hot air. Another sigh escaped her as she flapped her wings, propelling her forwards. Towards nowhere.
Alt If Applicable: N/A

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Shadow Mage
Shadow Mage

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PostSubject: Re: Artemise, The Shadow Mage   Fri Sep 02, 2016 1:34 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Artemise, The Shadow Mage   Fri Sep 02, 2016 5:34 pm

App looks good though I see one thing which I believe would be too strong, thats the shadow Companion. If you could remove that power then your ready to be approved Smile
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Shadow Mage
Shadow Mage

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PostSubject: Re: Artemise, The Shadow Mage   Sun Sep 04, 2016 7:20 am

Edited that part out. Bump! ^^
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God of Life & Seas

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PostSubject: Re: Artemise, The Shadow Mage   Sun Sep 04, 2016 12:44 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Artemise, The Shadow Mage   

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Artemise, The Shadow Mage
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