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 [Location] - The Shadow Glade

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PostSubject: [Location] - The Shadow Glade   Thu Sep 08, 2016 12:24 am

// The glade is a special place filled with magical energy, most come her to train their abilities yet others relax feeling the aura of the world which they live in. Just outside the capitol of the Shadow the glade lays within an ice field with pillars of frozen ice standing tall. //

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Shadow Guardian

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PostSubject: Re: [Location] - The Shadow Glade   Sat Sep 10, 2016 7:23 am

After days and nights of guarding the Shadow Kingdom and finding/fighting no one, Isi's magic soon got sloppy. Miss after miss, Isi soon had enough and went to the glade to train.

The glade was a magical place indeed, Isi could recall all the times him and his siblings would explore the glade and fight each other. He would win most of the time, but his sister, Dasher, would be number one every time they fought. Dasher, wouldn't care if you were family or not, once she got you in her sights you were dead. As for Isi, he would let up on his family members even though he probably shouldn't have. But now wasn't the time to relish in the past he had to train!

Isi soon arrived to the place of memories.

He could feel his heart skip a beat at the sheer beauty of the glade. The pillars of ice seemed to glisten and gleam as if they were magic themselves. He could feel the magic inside him pulsing to be use just by standing in the glade.

Isi took a fighting stance and attacked one of the pillars.
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PostSubject: Re: [Location] - The Shadow Glade   Tue Sep 13, 2016 1:36 pm

Neptune questioned himself a lot on certain days. There were days where he felt so confident he could take on Arkhor and Astaria at the same time and win. Then there were days.. like today.

Neptune's right leg hung limp as he soared through the Shadows territory, eyes darting everywhere and head lowered, cold breath coming out in damp clouds. He was dripping wet, and with each flap a soft grunt came from his jaws as they parted for the sound of pain to escape them.

His leg hurt. A lot. It wasn't broken, but it nearly had been. His head was still spinning. Straightening his flight path, Neptune tried to nurse his broken ego by heading off to train.

He had lost a battle with a FireScale. The damned beast had attacked him when he was hovering, feeding on an unfortunate fish. He had slammed into him from above and behind, grabbed him, twisted him over, and then threw him into the lake. Neptune had fallen about ninety feet before splashing into the water. On his back. Flat. And then his head hit the water.

For a few moments, he had just been still, slowly floating down, down, down. When Neptune opened his eyes and twisted himself around, he noticed the FireWing hovering dangerously close to the water. In his anger, Neptune went against his better judgement and attacked, leaping out of the water and slamming right into the FireWing. The two toppled into the water and the FireWing almost died. He got Neptune by the head and slammed him directly into the walls of the lough, before using his back leg as a way to throw him around.

There were teeth marks in that leg now.

The FireWing escaped, much to Neptune's disappointment, along with his fish. Great.

Brow furrowed, Neptune broke out of his self-pitying thoughts when he noticed a wingless dragon on the ground. It reminded him of.. a deer? The black spikes on his shoulders, fox-like tail and just general body type revealed it was indeed a dragon, but.. where did he get his deer-like appearance from? Neptune was too tired to ask and couldn't be bothered.

Doing a backflip, Neptune used the momentum to shoot him downwards, pulling up a few inches from the ground, landing lightly with a sigh.

He watched the deer-dragon.. thing, attack one of the pillars, an eyeridge raised, intrigued by his appearance and method of fighting. Fixing his eerie crimson eyes on the dragon, Neptune looked on, silent and rather frightening.
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PostSubject: Re: [Location] - The Shadow Glade   

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[Location] - The Shadow Glade
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