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 Time to awaken. (Private for shadow dragons)

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Shadow Queen
Shadow Queen

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PostSubject: Time to awaken. (Private for shadow dragons)   Thu Nov 24, 2016 7:17 pm

It was a still night. Nothing moved nor made a sound. The kingdom had transformed into a consistent leave of stillness, the palace was sound and unmoving, aside from the couple of mythical serpents that still mixed around like starving scavengers searching for anything to do. Despite the fact that she looked upon them with annoyance, it made very much sense to her. She had not left the Palace tower for she would know how long, it had been several months at least. Not to eat nor to converse with anyone. In any case this had a reason. In the most recent couple of months the moon had stood disorderly high and bright. For that reason she had discovered a feeling deep within her gut that the ley lines were excessively loaded with magic, and she was sure she had not been the only one who felt the surge of magic within the shadow lands. Thus she was forced to continue her study in neglect of her meatlings. While she studied constantly she also chose to store part of the magic, this brought about portion of the tower being loaded with glass balls in different hues. Each put away a somewhat little measure of enchantment, however together it was a sufficient amount to bolster her for any coming enchantment abandonment periods.

As the thinned down dragoness now stood at the window of her tower, that none had authorisation to enter with the exception of her, she gazed upon her quiet kingdom and while she caught the reflection of the moon in the lake before the palace, she would raise her head and take a deep breathe. It was the ideal opportunity for the life in her kingdom to return, call out to her fellow worms whom she cherished beyond a reasonable doubt and transform the kingdom once more into a sea of wicked, shrewd and tricky minds. Candeea walked to the focal point of her tower, it was fortunately a point where the ley lines crossed and therefore granted the most of their magic. In fact, the whole palace was build upon this unique spot where ley lines crossed. The lines extended until far beyond the shadow lands, however there were numerous here in the terrains, and they would help her inform her lizards of the upcoming tribe meeting that was to occur. 

The mage would draw a circle and a few runes around the centre point that would permit her to access to the ley lines. At that point she would expand her stiff wings and fly up to the tip of her tower, there she would remove one of her oldest alchemy crystals and return to the floor. In the action of hanging the precious stone around her neck, she would walk over to her runes and halt within the centre. The mage stood still while she began to vocal the runes she had drawn around her and soon they began to glow red, so did the crystal. Many would consider it stereotypical, yet her magic appeared as the colour red, therefore her runes would glow red. This proceeded for a few more minutes until the precious stone vanished, and alongside it the runes around her. Candeea fell silent. She took a step forward and drew one more single rune. After completing the last line there was a sudden brilliant blast and an influx of red overwhelming the tower and out of the window, down the palace, splitting into several vertical lines that rapidly began to lengthen and spread throughout the kingdom until the edges of it. 

Slowly she would return to the window and watch the ley lines become visible through her red, stretching away from her. She knew for a fact that they would be visible anywhere within the shadow lands and that any drake of her kind would be aware of the importance. The dragoness was forced to close her eyes and lower her frame into a sitting position. Taking her alchemy necklace, she would place it back around her neck and feel her vitality refill while she awaited the arrival of her shadow drakes.

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PostSubject: Re: Time to awaken. (Private for shadow dragons)   Mon Nov 28, 2016 9:35 pm

The lingering light was obliterated by the rapidly falling night. The once salmon and purple sky transformed into a vast expanse of jet-black that engulfed the territory. A canopy of luminous stars materialized amongst the ocean of blackness. Some were dull, merely flickering into existence every now and then, but there was an adequate amount of shimmering stars to illuminate the dark, moonless night. The palace glistened, mirroring the dazzling assemblage of glittering stars and the luminescence from the buildings that lined the landscape.

The faint wind brushed against the water, the ripples ruffled the stillness of the surface, and shattered the reflection of the castle. A pair of luminous gold eyes stared into the freezing water, as a cold, misty breath escaped dark, flared nostrils.

The dragon raised his head and shivered, as if awaking from a trance. The dark reptile fixed his cold pair of chilling eyes upon the skies, and stretched his wings.

Ley Lines.

Taking off from the ground, the sound of beating wings met the ears of all within a few meter's radius, as the lizard rose into the air, rising quickly above the canopy. He gazed at the crimson lines for a moment, hovering above the trees, before he turned and headed for the palace where the lines originated from.

He could sense the importance of these Ley Lines. Not many knew about them, and those that did didn't know much about them, and had eventually given up trying to uncover their secrets or died. Unlike Cryoatic. No. His whole life had been dedicated to studies of the Paranormal, and the studies of Dark Magic. Shadow Magic. There was even a rumor circling the area that he had made deals with demons.

Cry flared his wings and rose a good few metres, approaching the top of the palace where a great tower rested it's stone feet, a slumbering giant against the blanket of stars.

Circling the tower, Cry rose until he was near the top. His eyes tracked the Ley Lines back to the tower, before his chilling gaze came to rest upon the window. He saw a.. figure, hidden behind the sheet of finely made glass. He tilted his head, a silent question beaming into the room.

Where do I land?
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PostSubject: Re: Time to awaken. (Private for shadow dragons)   Tue Nov 29, 2016 10:38 am

The sun had gone to rest, the stars take it's place as the darkness began to surround her. She liked the night, it hid her flaws, her imperfections, the scars burned onto her flesh from battles and magic tests gone wrong. The stars guided her through the night. Their calming presence made her slowly close her eyes, her body quietly switching off; but she let her soul run free. She could do the things she would never be allowed to do when the sun was out. She could do whatever she wanted…as her worries, her thoughts, silently burn into smoke as they wonder through the endless night once more.

Her wings beat the air almost silently, her tail hanging behind her like a vine being blown by the wind that battered the rain forest.

Astaria was outside. And without her mate, at that.

The Goddess had decided it was time to be independant from Arkhor when it came to going outside and exploring. She had to make her own adventures, because this was her world too.

Going at a steady pace, Astaria's large form blocked out the starlight as she soared over the trees, the canopy darkened by her foreboding shadow.

Then, Astaria seen them.

Crimson lines, criss crossing the sky, stopping sharply at the borders of the ShadowScale territory.

Astaria tilted her head. Ley Lines. Tingles of nostalgia and familiarity went up her spine. Why were they showing up on a night like this?

Out of the corner of her eye, Astaria saw another dragon heading towards the Palace looming in the distance.

Astaria followed.

She kept her distance, remaining hidden as she dipped below the canopy, coming in to land where the trees ended and the castle began. She tilted her head as the dragon, she wasn't able to make out any of it's features, circled the tower as he climbed the air to the top and gazed into one of the windows.

Astaria watched, ready to go Moon Pooling to listen in, invisible in the darkness of the shadows.
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PostSubject: Re: Time to awaken. (Private for shadow dragons)   

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Time to awaken. (Private for shadow dragons)
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