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 Candeea the mage.

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Shadow Queen
Shadow Queen

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PostSubject: Candeea the mage.   Wed Aug 24, 2016 2:20 am

General Information:

Name: Candeea
Alias (Nicknames):  Dee 
Gender: Female
Age (State this in human years): 27
Sexuality: Straight
Species: Dragon
Faction: The Shadow
Rank: Queen perhaps?


Scale/Feather/etc Appearance: 

Height: 100 ft
Weight: 20,000
Length: 186 
Wingspan: 180
Eye colour: Gold/Green

Appearance (give at least a 5 sentence paragraph!):
This is where things get interesting. Candeea owns two appearances. Both very attractive and alluring in their own unique ways. Her true usual form and another form she prefers and wears normally and when in use of magic. Appearance n.1: She is covered in large, black and plate like scales that cover her entire frame along with a black short mane that runs down the back of her neck until her shoulders. She wears two horns atop her skull that point backwards as well as two claw like fingers on each wing midway to the end. Her second appearance: Her body is covered in larger plate like scales except for her wings. Her body is a dark maroon/purple colour, exceptions are the front of her throat and neck and her wing membrane being a lighter maroon colour. Her skull is covered only with a very thin white layer of skin that highlights the actual skull beneath it, this also continues along her horns. Following down the back of her neck until the beginning of her tail she wears large white spikes that are slightly bend downwards. This appearance is her favourite one therefore it is worn more often than the other.


Likes: Death, Magic, Causing Pain, Experimenting. Murdering. Reading. Her tribe.
Dislikes: Too friendly creatures. Weaklings. Intense brightness. Harm done to The Shadows.
Fears: She fears to never be known or remembered. Never to have made a difference within her tribe.
Personality (At least 5 sentences!): Candeea is an extreme sadist and does not pay any care for creatures that cause pain to the Shadows or creatures she feels love towards. However, very observant and keen to learn she does not fear to socialise or speak her mind. It can be awfully difficult to earn her trust, yet once there is trust and respect she is loyal until the end. She enjoys the sight of blood and the use of magic. She has the tendency to wear an air of authority around her wherever she strides and is fully aware of it, knowing precisely how to use it. She’s cunning and quick minded, enabling her to own a cool mind which aids in situations of absolute chaos. Even if Candeea has the sound of a coldhearted drake she can be very benevolent and kindhearted. 


Family (Blood): Uknown
Family (In-laws):
Mate (put N/A if she/he has no mate): N/A
Hatchlings (Put N/A if she/he has no mate): N/A
Breed (is your character a pureblood or a hybrid?): Pureblood

History (At least a 5 sentence paragraph!): Candeea is unfamiliar with her parents as she was left in the woods to die for she had very unusual abilities that her siblings were jealous of. Therefore they kidnapped her, dragged her into the deepest and darkest woods which even her siblings feared. You ask how i know? Because Candeea felt the fear that flowed within their veins. Felt them tremble within, as their claws dug in-between her scales and forced her against her tree, beating her bloody for simple jealousy. Jealousy which rapidly altered into joy as wounds arose upon this hatchlings body, inflicting by creatures she had felt love for. It was when the emotional pain of confusion began to spread within her that something else began to flicker and inflame. Then it was only one more touch, a single wound that caused the outburst of power. The gush of magic that began to mix with her blood and initiate the transformation from a weakling into a creature of power, matter it not that it was weak back then but that she had power. She flowed through her and into her siblings who died upon minutes of her magic touch. 

Alone and terrified of herself the chances were high she would have died, however a stranger had watched the scene. A stranger whom she grew up to know as Charles, a castaway mage that on that particular day saw the unique show of power and decided to care for this female hatchling. Until one day were Candeea chose to leave and journey the world. 


Strengths: Agile and fast due to her thin body build. She’s also very cunning and a fast thinker.
Weaknesses: Not the smallest of targets, therefore easily to hit. She is also not extremely strong nor does she have the stamina for long conflicts/battles or journeys. Candela’s eyes are used to the weak lights within the shadow lands therefore she is vulnerable to extreme brightness. When in use of magic, she is probably very deep in meditation or concentration therefore again a easy target for others. Many of her spells require an extreme amount of energy and due to the fact that she close to constantly experiments with her magic she is often very tired.

Abilities (Magic abilities): 

Candeea  is mainly focused on magic negation, symbolic magic and blood magic. 
Blood Magic: Candeea is able to feel fear within other creatures. This fear she can either increase or decrease if the victim is starring into her (Here bright red) eyes which would resolve in being in trance. 
However if she uses blood magic along her symbolic magic it strengthens the spells she creates. Through blood magic Candeea is able to transport small creatures (No bigger than a lion, currently) wherever she currently is. She does this by having small flasks with their blood with her. She would then use symbolic magic and transfer the animal to the spot were she drew the symbols with the specific blood. 
Furthermore she is able to track creatures (currently) within a specific reach, around the territory of one tribe, if she owns he/she their blood and enough of it to use it for symbolic magic. Whenever Candeea uses blood magic she is extremely weakened, especially when she uses her own blood. (Blood magic may lead to blood loss)
Symbolic magic: Simple magic that requires runes to work. Can range from easy runes e.g. opening a door or  put restrictions on a target or strengthening someone by using a power bestowal rune. This allows Candeea to grant someone part of her strength/energy/oxygen perhaps underwater. This can also be done the other way around. Again every rune uses of a specific amount of energy, the stronger the rune/symbol the greater the amount of energy taken or given. Limitations: Some symbols may have a time limit or energy limit. Symbols have to be correctly drawn for it to work. May also be limited to specific time and/or place to draw the symbol. 
Magic negation (Hexes/spells): Firstly, this enable her to feel the position of ley lines. These are conduits of mystical energy that surround a planet. With extreme patience and concentration she would be able to use small parts of this energy to strengthen her spells or symbolic magic. This, however is extremely difficult and small things interrupting her concentration can cause to failure.
Magic negation also enable her to create magical items or neutralise them. She is only able to create simple strengthening charms upon items. If she is standing upon a ley line she is able to, very weakly, control things also standing atop. For example, lift rocks or perhaps one day lift a dragon mere meters of the ground, she would be able to do this by channeling the energy given of the ley lines. Limitations of this kind of magic are: Only works on abilities, effects, creation and creatures magical in origin. May be very difficult to activate. May be very difficult to deactivate once fully in use. Very energy consuming. 
And finally Candeea owns a small red glasses ball in which she likes to store a very small amount of ley line energy for emergencies that she carries around with her in her necklace. 

Abilities (Physical abilities): 

Sample RP post: Does my History work as an example? 
Alt If Applicable.
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PostSubject: Re: Candeea the mage.   Wed Aug 24, 2016 2:41 am


Nice app
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Candeea the mage.
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