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 Gnarly -App-

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PostSubject: Gnarly -App-    Mon Jun 12, 2017 6:32 pm

General Information:

Name: Gnarly
Alias/Nicknames: Gnarls, GG
Gender: Female
Age(Human years): Seven
Sexuality: Straight
Species: SkyScale
Faction: SkyScale Faction
Rank: Hatchling


Height:  0.5 metres
Weight: 5 Pounds
Length: 1 metre
Wingspan: 2 metres
Eye color: Light yellow

Appearance description:

Gnarly is golden in colour, with scales that are long and thin, resembling big shark scales. She has big spikes -about five inches long- reaching up from her back, and big, feathered wings that cannot yet lift her, but slightly slow any falls. Unlike most other dragons, she has a beak, a bit like an eagle's beak, just without the curve at the end, and tiny claws that can't do much more then grab tree limbs.

What gives Gnarly her name is her tail. It has a pattern on it's side -see the picture for reference-  and the end is shaped like a tree branch. Her wings also have curls sprouting from the feathers, small ones that feel like hair. They don't hinder her, just fly about in the wind. She has two of these arching over her eyes, taking the place of her brows.


Likes: Quiet, painting, drawing, making daisy chains, flowers
Dislikes: Being told off, loud noises, big dragons,
Fears: Having to stand up in front of others and talk, talking to others, water, loud sounds
Personality description:

Shy and sweet, Gnarls is your typical 'girl next door.' Timid, unspoken and fearful, she is afraid of everything, preferring to hide under the bed and make daisy chains rather then go and play with the other children. She has a delicate touch and a soft voice, contrasting strongly with her rather.. unusual.. appearance.

Gnarly is very sensitive, and cries at everything, even loud noises. Anxious and jumpy, she is very delicate, like the petal of a flower. Thankfully, she doesn't cry very loudly, her sobs more like sniffles and her breaths silent. Due to being bullied, Gnarls isn't all that eager to make friends. She's distrusting and wary of other hatchlings, although with adults she's more friendly.

Once you gain your trust, Gnarls is a dear friend. Charming and caring, she laughs at your jokes and gasps at your stories, loving to make others happy. She's very sweet and thoughtful, and values her friendships over anything else. She's a dreamer, believing in true love and the like.


Family(Blood): Unknown
Family(In-laws): Unknown
Mate(?): None yet
Hatchlings(?): None yet
Breed(Is he/she a pure blood or a hybrid?): Pureblood SkyScale

History(Give a good sized paragraph):

Not much is known about Gnarls. She was adopted into the tribe by a couple who looked desperate to give her away. The mother kept glancing over her shoulder, and the father had his wing over her, seemingly in an effort to protect her, conceal her and their daughter.

Gnarls was bullied due to her 'interesting' looks, her peers calling her 'Gnarly' from the very beginning. Instead of taking it as wholly bad, she decided to call herself that, as to her, it sounded like a sweet name, so she took it on as her birth name.



Gnarly is very creative. She's great at drawing and painting.

She's smart, can speak very well.

She's mature and can charm others.


Sensitivity: Gnarly cries. A lot. The slightest thing will make her burst into tears. Someone could say "Why aren't you cleaning up the mess you made?" very nicely and she'd cry for over an hour.

No defences: Against predators, Gnarly is helpless. She has no prowess and certainly no bravado. She cowers in the face of death and prefers to run.

Physical abilities: None. Zero. Whatsoever xD

Magic abilities:

Gnarls: Gnarly can make a branch form basic knots, and can do the same with small roots. She can extend them about ten inches, and can reverse the process as such.

Sample RP post:

Alt If Applicable:
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Gnarly -App-
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