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Explore a new world of creatures which roam the sky, where dragons rule throughout the land and sea. For story seekers and players, no matter of experience.
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 New Members Guide

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PostSubject: New Members Guide   Thu Aug 04, 2016 1:43 pm

Welcome to Untamed Skies

So you have decided to enter a world of mythical creatures who rule over the land and seas, well to get you started there are a number of things to check out first.

Site Rules

Make sure to check those out first like most RP sites we respect others and expect the same from everyone, also please take note this site is focusing towards creating a fun environment, a place to relax to use your characters as you wish. Of course the site will continue lore wise but at growth increases or time, though events will not hinder your rping only expand the possibilities.

Moving on you now have a choice to make about which faction you will be joining, for Lore related to the factions look below:

Faction Lore

The Tidal Domain
The Tidal are Sea Dragons mostly made up of the SeaScale, as they focus towards knowledge and healing. With them mostly living underwater yet having homes above water on the islands too, so what ever your preference you would be part of the most peaceful faction.

The Sky Empire
The Sky Empire, are mostly made up of LightScale & SkyScale, while the Light are mostly made up of stronger bulkier types which focus on melee. The Sky are the scouts and quick ranged fighters working perfectly with the tanks of the Light. The Empire are mostly peaceful but are basically justice seekers who will protect their own and see themselves like the caretakers of the world.

The Ember Alliance
The Ember are a proud warrior like faction, as they focus towards boosting their military force. Yet currently at peace after a long war with the Empire they follow a more tribe like state, whereas leaders are fought over along with family feuds. Mostly made up of FireScale, they too have lava like dragons with brute force.

The Shadow Kingdom
The Shadows are the most mysterious out of the factions, focusing towards Magic and their own power they possess the strongest of mages. Made up of NightScale their frames are fairly slender with a few strong guardians, yet clearly its shown that their minds are trained more than their bodies.

The Wild
The Wild are the faction less, living in the world on their own solo adventure which could lead into joining a faction or bumping into a fellow wild and possibly creating a new life. So if your looking to be free from restrains and create your own story more then the Wild might be best for you.

So your not step is creating your character, do your research into the tribes and choose one which fits you. Follow the template below and post your character sheet like this:

Character Template
Faction Ranks
Species Lore

Once your character is created a staff member will approve the character then at that point you will receive your faction colour and rank, allowing you to RP as said character.

If you require any help towards anything on the site feel free to contact a staff member, either in chatbox, private message or posting in the support section.
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PostSubject: Re: New Members Guide   Tue Jun 13, 2017 5:05 pm

personality: dry, sarcastic, trustworthy, un-trusting
info:uses a technique that allows him to combine two different types of magic that was forbidden by his faction elders, thus left his faction and went rogue, enjoys picking fights as often as possible as his magic usually leads to an easy win and created a new faction based on this technique
magic type: poison and ice
weakness: fire magic, is scared of fire as his parents were killed by rogue members of the ember alliance

faction name: shadowfrost alliance
faction ranks:scout, warrior,death mage, ice mage, chief posion magic user, chief ice magic user,god of posion, god of ice

species:dragon-phoenix hybrid
was created in a lab as an experimented, rasied as an adopted child of the head of the shadow kingdom
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PostSubject: Re: New Members Guide   Sun Jun 18, 2017 4:28 pm

Hey, Jetvix, you have to make a new character application by copying the character application template and pasting it in a new topic in the create your character section. Then you fill it all in with the specific stuff for your character. Hope this helps.
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PostSubject: Re: New Members Guide   

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New Members Guide
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