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 Tidal City (Open)

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Tidal Healer
Tidal Healer

Female Posts : 3

PostSubject: Tidal City (Open)   Tue Mar 14, 2017 7:29 pm

The Tidal Domain's kingdom was beautiful, but the heart of it was perhaps the most spectacular part.

The city glistened and gleamed like a vivid paradise, grass green as emeralds and the tower in the middle standing out like a glistening diamond against the cyan sky. It was a beautiful day and many dragons were out, circling the islands and catching the warm drafts under their wings.

A stunning jewel.

But Eiry was too busy to notice it, and to be honest? She was too tired.

The journey to and fro the mainland had been made easier by the constant exercise of running around looking after patients, but that didn't prevent her from sweating like mad as she came in to land on the streets, touching down on the grass and moving onto the road with a soft grunt.

The cobblestones were iron hot under her blue paws as she ran towards the edge of the poorer areas of the city districts. She swerved around corners and ducked under overhangs, shoving past several dragons as she went.

Finally, she skidded to a stop, where the more 'run down' houses were. In between two or three shops, was a small wooden building with a chimney and an overhanging sign that read 'Eiry's Cures,' in faded blue writing.

Eiry sighed. She loved her little place, but it didn't look very attractive. She was no builder, all she knew was healing, so she would have to invest for someone to do it for her. However, a lack of items besides herbs wouldn't do much.

Pushing open the door, Eiry stepped inside, hearing the planks creak beneath her weight. Closing it behind her, she sighed and dumped the herbs on the small table tucked against the wall, before turning to face the room.

The main room was small but homie. A table with four chairs and a fireplace, as well as shelves and other small luxuries. An archway was in the corner leading to the healing room, as well as an upstairs where Eiry slept.

Eiry closed her eyes for a moment, before proceeding into the other room with her herbs to sort them.

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PostSubject: Re: Tidal City (Open)   Tue Mar 14, 2017 7:51 pm

A lack of activity was Neptune's main cause for irritance, although that could be dealt with with a few quick laps around the island. Besides, it meant watching for danger, protecting his tribe against possible threats.

The sun shone down with a glare that only intensified as the day wore on, relaxing warmth turning into oppressive heat as the sun reached it's peak, grinning down on the world with the maliciousness of a tiger. Neptune stared up at it for a moment, before tucking his wings into his sides and descending to the earth.

He touched down on the Tidal's main island with a soft click of his talons, and strode down the cobble streets, observing the small amount of activity from the island's population. Dragons either stood in the shade or sat in the open, panting like sick dogs.

Suddenly, someone shoved past him and sent the male off balance. He fell against a sign post with a soft growl and a thud. Removing himself from the embarrassing pose and standing up, Neptune watched as the dragon skidded around the corner and disappeared. He raised an eye ridge. What's the hurry? he wondered.

Curiosity drove him to follow at a quick jog. Peering around the corner, he seen the dragon turn down another street and he pursued.

When the stranger finally stopped it's race, it was in front of a small, less-then-impressive 'cottage' with a rotting roof and old, plank walls. It fit the description of the small, run down area of the Tidal's city. The less then poor dragons lived here, dwelling in the shadow of their far richer counterparts.

As the dragon opened the door, she paused, and Neptune caught a glimpse of her face. She's cute. He surprised himself as she entered through the door and shut it behind her. She seemed very stressed out.

Neptune stood there, debating on whether or not to follow her and ask her what she was doing, but it would seem.. creepy.
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Tidal Healer
Tidal Healer

Female Posts : 3

PostSubject: Re: Tidal City (Open)   Fri Mar 17, 2017 5:52 pm

Eiry placed the herbs in their rightful places, the Eucalyptus with the Lungwort and other internal damage herbs, the honey -contained in a leaf bag weaved by herself- with the other cough and flu medicines, and many other remedy ingredients in the more complex section. Once she was finished, Eiry stood back and admired the fresh set of supplies that now covered the shelves. Being able to make her own remedies meant she didn't have to buy any, which saved her her little pennies.

The sunlight streamed through the window and illuminated the stairs to the upper floor. Eiry turned and walked up them, the boards creaking under her weight. She reached the door at the top and turned the knob with a front claw, gently pushing it open with a soft creak.

It was nothing much. A simple 'hammock' bed hung on two posts beside a window, the only source of light, and a mirror and a dresser -where she kept her few rings and things like that- upon the opposite wall. It was small and old, but clean, well kept and loved.

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PostSubject: Re: Tidal City (Open)   

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Tidal City (Open)
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