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 Eiry - SeaScale Healer

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Tidal Healer
Tidal Healer

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PostSubject: Eiry - SeaScale Healer    Sat Mar 11, 2017 2:22 pm

General Information:

Name: Eiry
Alias/Nicknames: Whatever you decide to call her xD
Gender: Female
Age(Human years): 17
Sexuality: Straight
Species: Seascale
Faction: Tidal Domain
Rank: Healer


Height: 25 Feet
Weight: 1200 Pounds
Length: 42 Feet
Wingspan:84 Feet
Eye color: Cyan

Appearance description:

Eiry has a slim, thinly built frame, topped with a pale sapphire hide that covers most of her body save for her underside, which is covered in beryl blue plates. Her 'head fins' sit just behind her cheeks, running along them. They are made up of four 'stems' each and the skin in between them are the same colour as her underside's plates. Eiry sports a five inch horn that rests in between her nostrils, which have primal 'tear streaks' running from them to her eyes. The horn is silver in shape. Eiry also has a tooth sticking out from the corner of her mouth due to injury from a patient.

Eiry possesses a sail that starts in between where her ear fins would be, and rises over her neck and ends at her shoulder blades. There is a brief gap where her wings are kept, and then they continue until the very end of her tail. They too are beryl in shade. She has these same sails on the back of her knees and 'elbows' although these a few a few inches shorter then the ones on her head and back.

Eiry's claws are silver-grey in colour and are quite small. -she files them down so she can grip dragons easier and grab herbs- Her wings are long and rest against her flanks when slack.


Likes: Quiet, being alone or in the company of very small groups, healing, the sound of hatchlings laughing, sunny weather,
Dislikes: Loud noises, social gatherings or large crowds, being teased, cold weather, snow
Fears: Small, dark spaces and fire, having to mingle and talk to others in a large crowd
Personality description:

When you first meet her, you'll find that Eiry uses a detached, practised voice and has a professional air about her. She prefers to keep to herself and herself alone, unless it's a patient, and can seem quite ignorant at times due to this. She's very organised and has a 'schedule' which includes healing for the whole day and 'appointments' of sorts with patients. Eiry prefers to keep relationships with others strictly professional, but if you manage to get under your skin, you'll find a very different dragon.

Eiry is a hard working, caring soul who only wants to help and heal, constantly nurturing those who're sick and weak back to health and rushing for herbs 24/7. She's kindhearted and gentle, a compassionate dragoness on the inside despite her cold exterior.

One of Eiry's problems is that she doesn't know how to have fun or take a joke. Her want to make the Tidal Domain a better place, and to be the best healer in Ellesmera, has led her to forgetting that she, too, has a life outside of the healing den. She makes no time for anyone or herself, and this is also due to fear of socialising. Anxiety. She is a very worrisome dragon, constantly wondering about the outcomes of different sicknesses or the health of others.

Eiry is actually quite a lonely dragoness, despite her many visitors, with no friends or family in Ellesmera. The real Eiry, the kind soul with an ambitious dream, hasn't had a chance to show herself yet due to her own worries and fears.


Family(Blood): Wave (Mother) Ree (Father) Swift (Brother)
Family(In-laws): None
Mate(?): No, she has no time for that
Hatchlings(?): No, the idea of being a mother is strange to her
Breed(Is he/she a pure blood or a hybrid?): She is a pureblooded SeaScale

History(Give a good sized paragraph):

Eiry was born into a long line of royalty, the second niece of the tribe leader in the land she grew up in. Therefore, she was considered royalty, and even named 'Princess' at times. Her parents pushed her to believe that she was better then anyone else, and for a long time, she believed that. She even bullied a few of her fellow hatchlings, something which was not encouraged, but ignored.

Little did Eiry know, a funny old female named Quillfeather had spoken to her parents in an effort to put the young female in her place, and to harness her particular healing magic, by having her experience the work of a lower, but very important ranking dragon. A healer. Eiry was furious, but Quillfeather quickly silenced her and put her to work.

Eiry became a very different dragon. Quillfeather became a second mother to her, teaching her about being humble, respect, and loving others. She had different morals then her biological mother, but Eiry found herself favouring those of Quillfeather. She spent fifteen years -she started at six years old- training to be a healer, and got the rank at eighteen. Quillfeather gladly called her her apprentice, and her best one at that.

However, towards the end of her twentieth year with her mentor, Eiry realised that her talents would do no good here. Healers weren't needed anymore in the tribe, for science and other measures were taking hold. So, one night, after a brief but emotional goodbye to her second mother, Eiry took off and never came back, choosing to go south for warmer weather. -she had always hated the snow-

By chance, she found Ellesmera, and set up shop in the Tidal Domain, where she is now.



Healing - Eiry is an exceptional healer, having spent fifteen years doing it. She knows many complicated herbs and remedies, can judge a wound by simply looking at it, and has the ability to heal extremely painful injuries.

Observant - Something her years of healing with Quillfeather have taught her, Eiry is a very attentive dragoness, perceptive and vigilant. She can notice tiny details in things others may not.

Adaptable - Eiry is compliant with change, having made loads to her own life, and is fine with changes in the tribe or in her life as long as they don't affect her healing career.


Worrisome - Eiry tends to.. well, overreact. If something changes her schedule in healing, she panics and starts listing the ways something terrible can happen. This can cloud her better judgement and cause her to make decisions she'll regret later.

Social Skills - A trait of her anxiety, Eiry has little to do with socialising, and therefore always panics when she has to go talk to either important dragons or just other people when it doesn't regard their health. She has trouble speaking and cannot perform speeches without constant stuttering and tripping over her words.

No Humour - Eiry has.. well, she has a sense of humour, but she doesn't experience laughter now. She can't take a joke, and is either offended or confused, probably both, when someone makes one.

Battle Skills - Eiry's fighting abilities are.. uh.. well, to put it nicely, they are horrendous. She can't fight to save her life, her movements are predictable, she panics easily, she has no physical strength at all, just in general? She'd drive a battle-dragon to their wit's end.

Physical abilities:

Eiry can push things that are below her own weight.

She can run at speeds of forty miles an hour and fly at speeds of sixty miles an hour.

Magic abilities:

What she lacks in many physical aspects she makes up for in magical aspects. Eiry is a very powerful dragoness when it comes to magic, although she doesn't harness it all that much now.

Tears Of Mending - When Eiry cries, her tears actually have healing abilities. If they fall onto a wound, they will accelerate healing and send electrical currents to the heart and brain of a dying dragon, giving them a brief boost of energy. However, since Eiry doesn't cry often, and she has to be actually UPSET for the tears to work.. well, this doesn't happen very often.

Water Jets - Obviously, she needs a form of defence, and Eiry has one. She can spout a jet of water at another dragon, which can cause stinging and minor pain. It can't take the skin off your hand, mind you, but it can be quite irritating and painful if she hits the right spot. However, this requires her to be well hydrated, as it uses up the extra fluids stored in a chamber in her stomach, and when that runs out it starts using her actual body fluids, which can prove dangerous to her.

Water Manipulation - Just as it sounds, Eiry can manipulate and control water at will, although she can't affect whole lakes or seas. She can lift water into midair and form shapes out of them, although this requires maximum attention and effort from her, and for her mind to be calm and plan. If she's panicking or upset, she can't control it, and the water will splash everywhere. She can form any shape she chooses, from a spear to a cube, and when tossed at another dragon can cause irritation or even outright pain if thrown hard enough. Eiry can only make so many shapes before her mind begins to get tired. She can only make about seven small shapes, and two large ones.

Sample RP post:

Alt If Applicable:[/b]
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PostSubject: Re: Eiry - SeaScale Healer    Sun Mar 12, 2017 4:42 pm

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Eiry - SeaScale Healer
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