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 Draken, Sage Healer

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Tidal Sage Healer
Tidal Sage Healer

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PostSubject: Draken, Sage Healer   Wed Jul 27, 2016 9:49 pm

General Information

Name: Draken
Nickname: Drakey
Age: 15
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Species: Dragon
Faction: Tidal Domain
Rank: Sage Healer

Scale,Feather, etc Appearance: Light blue scales, grey spots, black underbelly and fins, blue and black wings.
Height: 26 feet
Weight: not overweight, decent
Length: 37 feet
Wingspan: 27
Eye color: Green Nightmare mode: Glowing red
Appearance: Light blue scales, Grey spots around him one spot particularly on his left eye. Black fins from his head and down his back as well as down his legs. He has webbing between hit feet, medium sized claws, he has black and blue wings, a black underbelly and at the end of his tail he has a mace like tail or a ball with spikes around it at the end of his tail. He has black horns on his head and one of his teeth is slightly bigger then his other teeth and that one sticks out of his mouth on the left side of his head.
Nightmare mode: In nightmare mode, his scales are black, his fins, mace, claws, teeth, horns, wings, spots and underbelly are all red


- Friends
- Swimming
- Exploring
- His journal
- Family
- Dark thoughts
- Ice
- Wars
Fears: he has a fear of getting lost forever with nobody going after to look for him or anyone caring about him
Personality: Draken is can be shy when it comes to talking to a different species or anyone new, but otherwise, Draken is kind and friendly dragon to be around. He loves to play with friends and hang out with people he knows. He loves to explore, to see if he can find someone new to talk to or something that looks interesting to him. He keeps a journal by his side, to jot down what he finds, his friends and things he likes so he can always look back into it whenever he forgets something. Though Draken is very serious about his rank, as well as being serious when he fights, he is brave and barely ever backs down from a fight, though he will only enter a fight if he is told to or the oppmemt hurts one of his friends or family.
Nightmare mode: in Nightmare mode, he wants to be in fights, he has the desire to fight someone and is filled with dark thoughts, he can't control himself and will accidentally hurt his friends if he is stuck in this mode for too long, Draken himself hates these thoughts, but he has no control over it.


Family(Blood): Arkhor: Father (he doesn't know yet)
Family(In Laws): N/A
Mate: N/A
Hatchlings: N/A
Breed (Is your character Pureblood or a hybrid?): Hybrid, 25% shadowscale, 75% Seascale

History: When Draken was hatched, he was hatched in the middle of nowhere, in the forest with nobody around him, he slowly wandered, frightened and was scared of absolutely everything around him, then, a voice spoke into the htachlings head, a nightmarish one. The voice told him that his parents hated him and left him in the forest on purpose, the voice took care of the hatchling by telling him what to do, step by step. The voice introduced himself as Nightmare and began to take care of the little guy as a shadow like entity that only Draken could see. When Draken was 8, Nightmare asked if he could be more of a part of Draken, since Draken somewhat trusted him, he allowed it. Nightmare went into Draken, giving Draken the Nightmare mode. Though once this mode was given, Draken began to have more Dark thoughts and when inraged, Draken will change into the nightmare mode, which he despises and wishes he never allowed Nightmare to go in him, due to all the dark thoughts. Soon Draken found out about his healing abilities and soon became the sage healer of the Tidal domain. (Hope this is good)


Strengths: Draken is a fast swimmer, runner and Flyer. He is not easily tricked and is decent in intelligence
Weakneses: Draken is weakened to ice based attacks, though he is fast, he lacks in defense. His nightmare mode is weekend to light based attacks and only lasts 30 minutes, once the time limit is reached, Draken returns to normal, but he is unconscious for an hour. If hit hard enough in the head during nightmare mode, Draken will revolt back to normal early and go unconscious for an hour.

Abilities(Magic abilities): Draken has a healing breath which he can use on allies, it heals minor wounds and in order to heal major wounds it uses more energy and once finished, Draken will be tired. The healing breath only lasts for 5 minutes and requires sleep to recharge.

Normally, Draken is able shoot acidic water out of his mouth and at foes, the shot only hurts the enemy slightly and can paralyze an oppmemt for a short time, so Draken can attack with his claws while the enemies is hurt.

Nightmare mode: When Draken is inraged, Draken turns into his nightmare mode, Nightmare mode increases his attack, speed and defense, but he cannot control himself during it, meaning he cannot plan anything and will just attack straight away. In Nightmare mode, Draken is able to breath a black beam, which he can only use 3 times during nightmare mode, if the beam hits, it will hurt the foe majorly. In Nightmare mode, Draken can also turn into a shadow and reappear whenever he wants, though he is not invisible and can be seen on the ground like any other shadow.

Abilities (Physical abilities: Draken is great at attacking with his claws and when a enemy is down, he will go and attack with his claws

Sample rp:
Draken looked down at the hatchling as it slept, reminding him of his other children, who have left him. Everytime he thought of his old family, he always let out a tear, because they all left him and he never knew why. He knew that one day, he would hopefully get a new family and be more happy, but the memories of his hatchling's and old mate, would always haunt him and remind him of the mistakes he made and the things he's done. He wiped his tears and looked back at the sleeping hatchling, trying to cheer up as it slept (From DRF)
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PostSubject: Re: Draken, Sage Healer   Wed Jul 27, 2016 11:10 pm

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Draken, Sage Healer
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