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 Stars In The Sky -Open to all-

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PostSubject: Stars In The Sky -Open to all-   Sat May 20, 2017 7:17 am

A little white griffin skipped through the woods, a spring in her step and a sparkle in her eye. She hummed a tune to herself as she climbed over a log, wiggling and worming her way over it and falling onto the other side. Picking herself up, Faida huffed and continued up, returning the tune to her head and vocalising it. Nearby, the fox sat in the mouth of it's den, watching her as she followed the forest trail that went right next to her den. She did not pursue, for despite the fact that Faida was a hatchling, she was a griffin, and bigger then her. So the fox watched, and then waited for something else, perhaps a little.. smaller, to come along.

It was getting darker by the minute. Orange light was turning into dark, dark blue light and the moon was peeking over the horizon. Little Faida did not notice this, she was far too busy doing what she did best; exploring. Rustling the bushes and tumbling down slopes, she was an adventurer at heart, a lover of the thrill and a favourer of the climb. She loved the idea of discovering new things, finding new places and uncovering new secrets. She had always wondered if she could get herself an amulet, a special one like some dragons she had seen had. She liked her armour, she was very protective of it, but.. something a little 'shinier' might be more appealing.

Then, the sun dipped below the horizon, and it was dark.

She only noticed the time when the fireflies came out and one danced in front of her beak, humming almost silently as it moved away into the trees. Faida watched it go, and then she heard it. The cries and growls of night creatures. The hoot of the owl, the croak of some frog and the howl of the wolf. She heard the fox cry nearby and whirled around, shivering. Then, something swooped overhead and Faida looked up sharply to see nothing but trees, blocking the sky. Faida whimpered and curled up into a ball, in plain sight of any predator that cared.
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PostSubject: Re: Stars In The Sky -Open to all-   Mon May 22, 2017 11:29 am

Salvadore didn't leave his little cliff often unless it was to paint or hunt. However, this time he was out for a different reason. Someone, he didn't know who, had broken into his little hideout and smashed his artworks, spilled his paints and completely destroyed the hammock. Furious, he had stormed off to rebuild his house, he wasn't in the mood for sleeping on the rocks tonight. He had had a long day, and wasn't in the mood for nonsense.

Stomping through the woods, Salvadore muttered angry curses under his breath as he searched for suitable leaves and sticks to build what was lost; his home, his bed, and his paints. If he wanted to sleep tonight, he'd have to suffice with a simple leaf bed. Salvadore didn't like sleeping with the bugs, but unless he wanted to sleep on the cold, damp rocks, that was his only option.


The cry of the wolf made his ears lift. Pausing, Salvadore glanced around, before he huffed and continued his trek. Foxes and wolves were no bother to him, it was other griffins he worried about. That and dragons. He hadn't glimpsed any phoenixes in his lifetime as of yet, but he hoped to soon.

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PostSubject: Re: Stars In The Sky -Open to all-   Wed Jun 14, 2017 12:10 pm

Faida found herself at the mercy of the dark, little feathers pricking at the noises that came from the shadows. Something moved and she twisted around, blue eyes wide and focused upon that spot. Nothing was there. Moving slowly backwards, Faida's eyes darted everywhere, scanning for movement in the foliage.

The sound of footsteps made her freeze.

They were loud, heavy footsteps, shaking the ground with each step. Turning, Faida's heart threw itself against her ribcage as she made for the nearest tree. Kicking up leaves and snapping twigs beneath her, she leaped onto the lowest branch of an oak tree and started climbing, little talons scrambling for purchase on the rough surface. Wings beating, she climbed a good fifteen feet before she took shelter in the leaves.

Peering out from the greenery, she peered down at the forest floor, searching for the source of the terrifying noise.
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PostSubject: Re: Stars In The Sky -Open to all-   Wed Jun 14, 2017 12:23 pm


A tree root gave way beneath his talons and Salvadore jumped at the loud noise, pausing mid step. The forest was silence for a brief moment, and then the din returned, the crickets resuming their song and the leaves resuming their dance. It was so quiet without any other creatures around.. or at least, creatures like him. Salvadore hadn't seen another griffin in months.


Salvadore froze, eyes narrowing into thin, cat-like slits at the sound of scampering paws. He turned his head, saw a flash of white between the branches. Both brows above his eyes raised and out of curiosity, Salvadore approached. His tail feathers caught on a branch and he growled, turned and yanked them from the tree's clingy grasp.

Turning back around, Salvadore broke through the leaves and into the opening- and saw nothing.

"Huh?" he mumbled. He bent down and sniffed the earth.. hmm. A path of destruction, left by an oversized rat it seemed,led to a tree. Sniffing at the roots, he raised his head and locked gazes with a pair of the bluest eyes he had ever seen.

Salvadore, taken aback, took a slow, steady step backwards. It was then he realised this was a hatchling. Immediately, his expression relaxed and he smiled up at the little griffin in the tree. "Hello there," he greeted, voice soft. "My name is Salvadore. I'm not going to hurt you," he swished his tail and stood up on his hind legs, leaning against the tree trunk. Now level with the little one, he took the time to realise that her small feathers were not yet fully free of the fluffy baby coat most griffins had at that age, and she sported a helmet and armor set that wouldn't do much protection, but were pleasing to the eyes.

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PostSubject: Re: Stars In The Sky -Open to all-   Wed Jun 14, 2017 9:01 pm

Faida was naturally resourceful, being on her own trained her to survive using nothing more then her wits and beak when she needed it. Glancing around, she searched for a means to escape the noise, only to find that if she moved, she'd be heard and spotted. Great. Looking through the leaves, she watched as the footsteps got louder, then, a growl.

The sound sent shivers up Faida's spine who, at the time, was unable to tell if it was a growl of frustration or a growl of predatory hunger. Curling up, she pressed herself flat against the bark, hoping to conceal herself further in the trees. Eyes wide and little heart racing, she observed the male as he came into view, ears flattened against her head.

He was young, barely an adolescent, with long, graceful feathers and arching wings that sent prickles of envy along her spine. She glanced back at her own, a downy coat of fluff that had not yet sprouted any feathers. Ugh. Turning back around, Faida watched as the griffon bent down and sniffed at the tree she was on, and her heartbeat quickened even more so when he looked up and locked eyes with her. Hers were an ocean blue, his were a dark yellow, the colour of a dying sun. They were kind eyes, gentle eyes, but Faida was frightened.

She moved backwards at the male's smile and greeting, his voice cutting through the silence of the forest like a fang through water. She didn't respond as he introduced himself, claiming no harm would come to her. Faida's eyes narrowed and she let out warning hiss as the griffon stood up on his back legs, propelling upwards to lean against the tree.

Now eye to eye with him, Faida got a proper look at his face. He was handsome, as far as griffons went, with triangular eyes that reminded her of a wolf's. He smiled at her, and seemed to scan her with his eyes. Faida hissed. He was too close, too close!

With a 'shriek' that came out as more of a high pitched squeak, Faida leaped into 'battle,' taking her tiny claws and sending it towards his beak in an effort to scratch him like a cat would a dog, eyes narrowed in fear and frustration. Go away! she squealed, before she turned and started ascending, kicking and fighting to get further up the tree. Branches and nuts rained down on the male as Faida disappeared into the higher branches. The weaker branches.
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PostSubject: Re: Stars In The Sky -Open to all-   Wed Jun 14, 2017 9:19 pm

Zarola was strongest in the dark.

She moved through the trees like a dark spear, one with the shadows, ugly yellow eyes scanning for prey. She walked silently, not making even the slightest noise. The only indication she was there was the transition from shadow to shadow, the sight of her slinking form reminding one of a tigress. Through the trees she stalked, not pausing as she lowered her head to sniff at the scent-rich earth. Hmm.. rabbits, voles, nothing large enough.. hmph.

At the sound of a loud SNAP! Zarola's quills twitched. Raising her head, a frown crept upon her visage and stayed there as she listened intently, focusing all her senses upon that one sound. A grunt of surprise, followed soon by a growl, made her eyes narrow. Curiosity drove her forward, movements quick and soft, claws barely grazing the earth as she moved towards the source of the racket. Making such a din would result in death. These woods were dangerous at night, especially with her in it..

Peering through the low hanging branches, Zarola watched as a young male griffin bent down, sniffing at the roots around an old, tall tree. Her brow raised and she too took a silent sniff, although from afar. There was something else here.. Immediately, her gaze lifted, and it was then she saw the little cloud of white up in the leaves.

At first, Zarola didn't know what it was. However, soon, she saw it move, and realised it was another griffon. This one's daughter, perhaps? Little sister? Zarola watched intently as the young male spoke to the young one. Ahh.. he doesn't know her, she realised as he rose onto his hind legs and tried to make conversation with her up close.

Go away! The young one's squeal made her ears lift and for a moment Zarola was ready to jump in, but then she realised the young one had tried to scratch the male and was off, zooming up the tree like a bullet. She couldn't help it. A chuckle escaped her lips and she took the chance to step out of the light. I don't think she likes you very much, she commented, not caring for his reaction to her.. unattractive appearance. Watching the little one scamper up into the leaves, she realised; that's too high.

Hey! she called up, her voice breaking the din of the forest. Stop! The branches will break beneath you!
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PostSubject: Re: Stars In The Sky -Open to all-   Fri Jun 16, 2017 10:52 am

As Salvadore rose onto his hindlegs, he realized; where are her parents? Where's your Mum and Dad? he asked as he peered at her with curiosity, tilting his head slightly. She was a pretty little thing, when her feathers properly grew out she'd have a harem of admirers. That is, if she lived long enough.

Watching her curl up, Salvadore expected her to cry for her mom, to squeal and flee from him, to say 'I don't know,' in response to his words. He didn't expect her to attack him.

She got him just below the eye, where the soft skin was exposed. Blood splattered the leaves and Salvadore yowled, leaping back and landing on all fours with a force that shook the earth. Ears pinned to his skull, his visage twisted into a scowl as he raised a talon to his face. It came away with a streak of blood floating down the tips.

"I don't think she likes you very much."

Such a voice made Salvadore sharply turn his head, twisting around to face the speaker as she emerged from the shadows. How long has she been watching me? he wondered as he took in her features. She was.. not the prettiest, to say the least, with big, swollen lips and mean, sickly yellow eyes. Eugh. What was she? She couldn't be a dragon, could she?

Stepping back, Salvadore blinked as she came closer, tilting his head. Heh, you're probably right, he said, looking back up at the tree. The female's exclamation made him hiss from surprise, and he turned his head to peer at her with disdain as she spoke. Wait.. the branches!

Salvadore looked up, spreading his wings. Hey! he cried. Get down from there!

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Stars In The Sky -Open to all-
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