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 Kalari the Snow Dragon NEEDS APPROVAL

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PostSubject: Kalari the Snow Dragon NEEDS APPROVAL   Mon Jul 10, 2017 10:09 pm

General Information:

Name: Kalari
Alias/Nicknames: Kal, Kali
Gender: Female
Age(Human years): 22
Sexuality: Straight
Species: ShadowScale
Faction: ShadowScale


Height: 17 Feet
Weight: 1400 Pounds
Length: 20 Feet
Wingspan: 20 feet
Eye color: A dull green

Appearance description:

Kalari is a mixture of colours, with purple making up her wing bones and head, as well as her neck. The skin of her wings is cyan, and her purple scales fade into a dirty silver on her belly and lower neck plates. dark blue scales group together in small patches on her body.

Kalari has several ridges on the top and bottom of her head, and tiny, smooth spikes running down her neck. She has a feminine, elegant frame and green eyes that reflect her cheeky personality. They gleam with mischief. She wears a brown satchel that loops around her neck to rest by her shoulder.


Likes: Snow, ice, the cold, peace and quiet, dancing, music, bird watching
Dislikes: Blood, violence, flying too fast, pompous dragons
Fears: Public speaking, spiders and rats
Personality description:

Fun loving and energetic, Kalari is rather.. Unique, if compared to the usually dark demeanour of her fellow ShadowScales. Loud and boisterous, she tends to exaggerate her movements and can come off as a bit 'crazy' to strangers. A whirlwind of movement, she loved Celtic music and playing her flute. Supportive and friendly, she is a friend to all and will be there for anyone.

However, Kalari has her flaws. She's paranoid and anxious, as well as dramatic. A huge crybaby, she's embarrassed easily and throws toddler's tantrums quite frequently. One will have to be patient to deal with her. She is also self-conscious and tends to spend too much time looking in the mirror for any 'imperfections.'


Family(Blood): Unknown
Family(In-laws): Unknown
Mate(?): None
Hatchlings(?): None
Breed(Is he/she a pure blood or a hybrid?): Pureblood ShadowScale

History(Give a good sized paragraph):

Kalari was born in the ShadowScales, although her mother was old and passed away when she was young. She doesn't exactly miss her, considering she doesn't remember her, but she still sometimes wishes she had a coherent, clear memory of the one who loved her most.

Kalari was attracted to magic from a very young age, and learned fast. Now, she is still a novice, but a skilled one. She got into birds when she was little and still observes them today.



Intelligent - Kalari is street-smart and quick witted, able to find problems and the solutions to them with relative ease, be it with a dragon's personal problems or if her life is in danger.

Magic - Kalari has a gift for sorcery, meaning she can use powerful spells to take out her enemies.

Bird Watching - Kalari likes birds and is very good at identifying them. She keeps their names jotted down in the notebook she keeps in her satchel.


Physical Strength - Kalari is not very strong, so even a small dragon could take her. She can't push very heavy objects.

Speaking - Kalari is a terrible public speaker, finding herself anxious and practically having a panic attack at the idea of 'entering society.' She's a bad liar.

Naive - Kalari is often too trusting of others, putting her faith in dragons who may use her trusting personality against her. She's easily manipulated.

Fire Magic - Despite her gift with magic, Kalari is weak to fire-based attacks. They will do more damage to her than other dragons.

Soft Scales - Kalari has softer scales then other dragons, meaning that class and fangs will do worse damage to her than others.

Low stamina - Kalari can't go very fast or do any gruelling tasks for long. Her endurance is low, meaning she can only fly for about ten minutes before she begins to tire (five posts).

Physical abilities:

Kalari can fly at speeds of 60KPH, although she can only keep this up for a minute or so (two posts) before she has to slow down. She isn't strong at all and can't withstand any amount of even moderate attacks, magical or physical.

Magic abilities:

Snow Shield - Kalari can form a shield of hardened snow that forms a sort of 'dome' around her, protecting her from attacks. While useful, this shield can only last about two posts before it comes down again, and if it's being bombarded with attacks that time is decreased. She can only summon this two times in a thread.

Ice Breath - Kalari can spout torrents of white fire that freeze rather then burn her enemies. Able to freeze whole trees solid, this is a powerful ability. Against a smaller dragon, the attack will severely limit their mobility and even stop them in their tracks for a few seconds. Against larger dragons, Kalari's ice breath will sting and potentially slow them down.

Wraith's Screech - A power that sends the trees bending, Kalari can roar a sort of 'shock wave' that sends snow covering everywhere around her for about twenty metres. If this hits a small dragon, it can stop them in their tracks or even blow them back, against a larger dragon it will slow them down. She can only use this once in a thread.

Icy Touch - If she would like to, Kalari can freeze water upon contact, although this only affects the surface of it, not the entire body. This ice is about three inches thick and is noticeably stronger then normal ice, and has a unique appearance. Swirls and other patterns decorate it, forming a beautiful sight. It's strong enough for Kalari to walk on it, although it will begin to dissipate after three posts. She can only do this twice in a thread.

Sample RP post:

Kalari sighed, picking through the dead leaves that covered the ground like a muddy blanket. Oh, how she wished winter was here already! Perhaps she wouldn't feel so miserable then! The snow looked far more appealing than the dead canopy that now rested on the ground, the slumbering trees plain and brown, not covered in a thick layer of white.

Alt If Applicable:

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Kalari the Snow Dragon NEEDS APPROVAL
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