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 Sija, dragon of the caves. (Done)

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PostSubject: Sija, dragon of the caves. (Done)   Tue Jan 17, 2017 3:19 am

General Information:

Name: Sija (See-jah).
Alias: Also goes by Seju (See-juu) or Seja (See-jah), but prefers Sija.
Gender: Female.
Age: 24.
Sexuality: Pansexual (Leans more towards other females, though).
Species: Dragon.
Faction: None.
Rank: Also none.


Scale/Feather/etc Appearance:
She has grey, leathery, thin triangular scales running throughout her body. Her underbelly is coated in highly flexible, slightly less weak scales that are a dark brownish gold in color and covered by a semi-thin layer of fur. Her feet are padded, so that they don't get injured on rocks.
Height: She is 5 feet tall at the shoulder.
Weight: 745 pounds.
Length: 32.5 feet long.
Wingspan: 35 feet wide.
Eye colour: A vibrant orange.
Appearance : Sija is a long, slightly thin dragon with dark grey-blue scales and navy blue stripes running down her back. The tips of her wings and tail, as well as her paws, are brighter than the rest of her. She has bright yellow-orange eyes and small, rounded ears. Along her back is a ridge of dark purple-blue fur which ends about halfway down her tail. She has thick "padding" on her feet, a patch of tough scales coated in a brownish fur that is only noticeable from the bottom of the paw. The horns on her head are bio luminescent, and glow turquoise when activated (When inactive, they are a very dark turquoise). Her wings have grey fingers (same as the rest of her top scales) with very dark grey-blue membranes. She has very long whiskers, and she can move her horns up or down.


Likes: Small, very dark spaces; exploring; caves; PUNS; being annoying; danger.
Dislikes: Being attacked; being threatened; wide-open places; light; annoying creatures; bats; responsibility; having other people depend on her; insects/arthropods; the factions; dragons from the factions.
Fears: Sija fears public humiliation, and would rather die than do anything extremely embarrassing. She also fears failure, and the scorn that comes with it, which goes hand-in-hand with her fear of being relied upon, in case she fails at her task. She also fears spiders.
Personality: Sija is kind of annoying. She adores terrible jokes and annoying others, but dislikes it when others annoy her. She isn't rude unless she's angry with you, but she'll most certainly get on your nerves, no matter what. She also tends to go looking for trouble, pestering the wrong dragons or exploring the wrong ominous cavern, which is a major problem, considering her lack of any fighting skills and generally weak anatomy. But she can be nice without spouting puns, and she is very outgoing. Seja is also easily upset, although this rarely manifests itself in a noticeable way. She also acts very confidently, bordering on recklessly. She dislikes the factions, and prefers to avoid dragons from there. She tends to be quite forgetful, but has held a very slight grudge against her family for years.


Family (Blood):
Pettakere (Father)
Theopetra (Mother)
Siyut (Brother)
Family (In-laws): None.
Mate: I'm open. *winks*
Hatchlings: None.
Breed: Purebreed.

Seja grew up in a very small cave system on an island southwest of the rest of the continent. Her life was quiet and nice until she reached 13 years of age. At this time, there was a large storm. Although she had seen storms before, her parents couldn't get her or her brother out of the caves in time, and it flooded. However, she managed to drag her brother up to the surface (on her own) and guide the rest of her family away from the flooded area as well. As soon as the storm cleared, they decided to pack up and leave. They moved to another cave system away from the coast, near the Shadow Kingdom. However, when she reached age 19, her family was offered a place within the Kingdom, and everyone, with the exception of Seja herself, accepted it. Annoyed and angry with the rest of her family, she left, heading to the area in between the alliance and the empire, and has lived in those caves ever since.


Strengths: Her strengths are not many. She can move easily through small spaces, and she is very flexible (literally). She also has very good night vision and is an excellent hunter. She is also good at navigating the caves where she has made her home.
Weaknesses: Seja is an AWFUL fighter. Her scales are easy to tear through, and her underbelly isn't much stronger. Instead of bones, she is mostly cartilaginous, so it's much easier to break her bones or tear past them to the vital organs they protect. She's also very small, so she can be knocked aside or thrown quite easily. Also, she has very few defenses. Her claws work okay, but her teeth and jaws aren't that strong either, designed for biting through deer meat or eating bats, not breaking through dragon scales. And she can't fly very well. Her wings were designed to help her flap across ravines. She can fly for a mile or two, but then she has to rest. And she has no breath weapon. On top of all that, light blinds her, simply because her eyes were designed to take in as much light as possible, and they will always do that, no matter where she is. Even something as simple as a torch could blind her.
Abilities (Magic abilities):
She has none! Very Happy
Abilities (Physical abilities):
Seja can hang upside-down, rather like a bat. She also has very good dark-vision, allowing her to see in areas with low light, and if she's too deep underground for there to be light, she can light up her horns, which allow her to see up to 60 feet away from her (although a dragon without night-vision will probably only be able to see about ten feet, if they stick close enough to the horns). She also has what is called a "floating collar bone", which allows her to slip through small spaces that she might not have been able to otherwise. Her cartilage makes her very flexible, and if she ever gets stuck, she can secrete an oil-like substance to help her get free. Her whiskers can help her gauge whether or not she can fit through a space.
Sample RP post: Seja slipped through the caves, rock pressing around her on all sides. Her long tail flicked behind her as she slid through a crevice, following the scent of trees on the surface. The path through the bat cavern was safer then trying to squeeze through here, but it was also slower, and full of bat guano, and she did NOT feel like wading through that. She kept moving as the ceiling got lower and lower around her. pressing her shoulder and wings as close to her as possible, she continued. She could see light ahead of her now, she was almost at some kind of entrance. Pressing forward, she could see the bright light of the moon shining up ahead. Finally, she broke out onto the hillside, spreading her wings in the moonlight as it shone around her. Then she slipped away towards the forest to hunt.
Alt If Applicable: I am not an alt. Probably. I'm 99% sure.
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PostSubject: Re: Sija, dragon of the caves. (Done)   Tue Jan 17, 2017 6:36 pm

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Sija, dragon of the caves. (Done)
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