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 Kymon The ShadowScale Hatchling

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PostSubject: Kymon The ShadowScale Hatchling   Mon Jun 12, 2017 6:25 pm

General Information:

Name: Kymon Von Skulsar
Alias/Nicknames: Ky,
Gender: Male
Age(Human years): 9
Sexuality: Straight
Species: ShadowScale
Faction: ShadowScale
Rank: Hatchling


Height: 5 Feet
Weight: 20 pounds
Length: 17 feet
Wingspan: 6 feet
Eye color: light green

Appearance description:

Kymon is small and slender, with 'lady's legs.' He has an almost feminine appearance, although his face says otherwise. A frill of crystals sprout from the sides of his face, taking the place of his horns and forming a spiky half moon around the back of his skull. The spikes are a pale grey, almost white, although they fade to blue the closer they get to his head.

Kymon's scales are a silvery-blue in colour, with light dots of light grey showing through on his front legs. He has a silver underbelly and his wings give the appearance of having thick crystals in the place of bones, although this is not the case, it's just the way the light reflects off of them. His tail is also outlined with a frill of crystallised ice spikes that are surprisingly light for their appearance, although he reckons they'll get heavier as he gets older. On his shoulders and the main bones of his wings, silver-blue fur sprouts from the skin to keep him warm.

Kymon sports a pair of eyes that show a light green, reminding one of pale grass. They are tinged yellow around the pupil, although this is barely noticeable.


Likes: The cold, exploring, sleeping, puzzles, snow,
Dislikes: Getting muddy, being unclean, being in big crowds
Fears: Getting stomped on, long drops, fire, big birds
Personality description:

Kymon is generally polite when you first meet him, although he is quite dry and sarcastic for one his age, preferring to keep to himself. He's quite the adventurer, although when it comes to the more mundane aspects of his life he's quite lazy and tends not to take interest. He shows no interest to magic and other lessons the ShadowScales try to teach him.

As you get to know him, you'll discover Kymon is very friendly, playful in his own right, although he doesn't really like being touched or playing rough games with the other hatchlings. He likes to solve puzzles and do maths, although that's about it. He's very clever, although a daydreamer.


Family(Blood): Unknown
Family(In-laws): None yet
Mate(?): Too young!
Hatchlings(?): ....
Breed(Is he/she a pure blood or a hybrid?): PureBlood ShadowScale

History(Give a good sized paragraph):

Kymon.. doesn't really have a history. He was found as an egg on the border of the ShadowScale territory. A kindly female took him in and the tribe raised him. As he grew up, Kymon's eyes drifted to the horizon, the world beyond the borders of his Kingdom. His caretakers had to stop him from wandering off too far, and at one point he needed an 'escort' to take him everywhere in case he got 'distracted.' Despite this, he was loved and cared for, and he has so far had a happy childhood.


Strengths: Kymon is very clever, quite adept at solving puzzles, and is very good at sums, although he struggles with dividing.

He has what many would call a 'silver tongue.' He's a very good speaker and enjoys debating about things with others, even if it's over which colour rose is the best.

Weaknesses: Kymon has neither strength nor speed, lacking the size to get the muscles or the long legs to get the speed. He is an incredibly easy target for any predator that cares. Unable to fly, he has no escape from any hungry creatures out there.

Kymon is smart and generally mature, but his longing for adventure makes him naive. One could lure him into a cave with the promise of artefacts and treasures to look at, but they could be lying..

Physical abilities: Uhh.. he's got nothing xD

Magic abilities:

Kymon has the ability to freeze a leaf solid. A leaf. He does this for fun and to banish boredom from his mind. He can only do one at a time, and the ice only lasts for about three seconds before melting, unless in a snowy or cold area.

Kymon has the basics of 'Shadow Shifting,' down. He can make shadows to what he want, make funny shapes, tell a story, anything, although he can only do this for a few seconds and makes him tired, so he saves it for soothing himself to sleep. He can form shapes on the wall, although he can't make them physical. So far, this is purely for fun.

Sample RP post:

Kymon trotted through the trees, an energetic spring in his step. Huffing, he leaped into a sapling tree and hopped into it's leaves, settling down on a branch nearby. His breath expelled from his tiny nostrils in clouds of soft, wispy air that drifted away, dissipating within seconds.

Alt If Applicable: Astaria
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PostSubject: Re: Kymon The ShadowScale Hatchling   Tue Jun 20, 2017 4:45 pm

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Kymon The ShadowScale Hatchling
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