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 Magic/Character Abilities Tips/Recommendations (Needs To Be Finished)

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PostSubject: Magic/Character Abilities Tips/Recommendations (Needs To Be Finished)   Sat Jul 30, 2016 3:25 pm

Magic is almost the core of Untamed Skies. It is what helps us in battle and heals our wounds.

Magic can take on several different forms depending on the dragon. Some dragons earned their magic through study and practising spells from scrolls, wheras most dragons get their powers from their parents. Some dragons directly inherit the parent's or ancestor's powers, some get powers similar to their parents or ancestors', but with their own origonal twist on it. Here are some tips when it comes to creating magical abilities for your dragon.

There are unlimited types of powers and abilities your dragon cna have, but you can only have a certain amount. About one to four magical abilities is fine, as long as most of them are not excessively powerful.

Your dragon's powers have to match that of their element, or species. A FireScale can not have SeaScale powers! It wouldn't make sense!

Feel free to have powers inspired by other games, such as Skyrim, books like Skulduggery Pleasant, etc, but it has to be merely inspired, not ripped from the actual origonal piece! If you think you'll get away with robbing something off a game or book, trust me, we've seen it before! Some of the mods are gamers and frequent readers of several genres, so we've seen it all!

Uses of magical weapons are permitted, but it has to make sense. Bows and arrows, swords and daggers aren't really recommended, since dragons have their own, more powerful versions of those weapons (such as their breath attacks, claws, teeth, etc). If you absolutely must, give a good reason for it!

Do NOT make your OC OP! Or, to put it simply, don't make your character overpowered. This means to give them loads upon loads of powers, powers powers, or to have powers that are so powerful it practically makes your character invincible. It's NOT origonal, its NOT fun, the only thing it is is BORING. So resist the temptation to just beef up your character with tons of powers for no apparant reason.

Finally, here are some basic abilities you can have for your dragon based on their tribe. These are just ideas, and can be twisted into your own powers, but if you just want powers to slap onto your dragon, here are some to choose from!


-It can be used by snakes to see animals depending on their body heat, so this could be twisted to fit your dragon.
-For some dragons, walls of fire can be made from seemingly nothing as long as there is heat in the room.
-Like the FireBenders in The Last Airbender, some FireScales cna move fire about with ease, as long as he or she is completely focused on the flames.
-An idea for a FireScale would be they could set themselevs on fire and fly through the air at terrific speeds, causing a sonic boom, or in this case, a 'fire boom.' But this is only recommended for gods and similiar powerful beings, due to the power it has.
-Your dragon's fire could explode on contact.
-Most FireScales can possibly detect volanic eruptions. They do this by feelijg the heat radiating from under the ground coming from thr volcano's lava.


-Many SeaScales can manipulate water into any shape or form they like to form defensive, thick walls, balls, squares, etc
-Most SeaScales can speak with certain underwater creatures.
-Some SeaScales can shoot jets of water that are extremely powerful. To put into perspective, it'd be like having ten of the most powerful powerhoses raining down on your body in a specific spot.
-Most SeaScales can sense when Tsunamis are coming.


-EarthScales can sense when earthquakes are coming.
-They can lift huge clumps of dirt, rocks and even small trees from the ground and send it hurtling at their enemies. Or, in a more peaceful fashion, they can be used to build buildings and other things.
(Idea for a power) -They themselves can cause tiny earthquakes. They do this, typically, by either slamming a tail or claw into the ground, combined with magic, to send a crack in the earth shooting towards their enemy, which explodes underneath them or shakes the ground beneath them.

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PostSubject: Re: Magic/Character Abilities Tips/Recommendations (Needs To Be Finished)   Sat Jul 30, 2016 3:30 pm

I think that this is good, but shouldn't you go into more detail as to which tribe has what kinds of powers? Besides that, it seems good. Very Happy Why haven't you been on Skype lately? You should come talk when you have a chance. Smile
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Magic/Character Abilities Tips/Recommendations (Needs To Be Finished)
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