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 Neptune Character Application

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PostSubject: Neptune Character Application    Sat Jul 30, 2016 11:17 pm

General Information:

Name: Neptune
Alias (Nicknames): N, N.P, Moon-boy,
Gender: Male
Age (State this in human years): 19
Sexuality: Bisexual, slight lean towards females
Species: SeaScale
Faction: Tidal Domain
Rank: Not sure?


Scale/Feather/etc Appearance: Neptune has dark, dark blue scales that in some lighting scenarios look black. The scales are small and uneven, with a shark-scale like appearance that enbales him to have more graceful motions in the water. He has dark blue skin on his wings.
Height: 60 feet
Weight: 1300 KGS
Length: 67 feet (from nose to tail)
Wingspan: 126 feet
Eye colour: Dark red

Appearance (give at least a 5 sentence paragraph!):

Starting with his head, Neptune has a thin, ridged snout, with two large, fin like flaps at the back of his head that replace the standard dragon horns. He has webbed horns, leafy like spikes that lead down his neck and end in between his shoulder. His simple head leads into his thin, but strong neck that ends with his muscled shoulders. He has front arms that are a bit shorter then his back legs. They have three short claws at the ends of the, that can be used for gripping, holding and carrying things, as well as climbing things.
He has a wolf-like belly that curls upward near the back to meet his haunches, which are thick and strong with muscle. His back legs are shaped like a velociraptors and, excluding the big toe, his legs may as well have been taken from his dinosaur counterpart and placed on him.
He has a long tail that ends in a two finned sail that is placed horizontally at the end. It has three greyish-blue tinged support hones framing it.
His eyes are dark red and very eerie. They are the brightest part of his body, making them both attractive and intimidating.

His wings are large and, like the rest of him, dark blue. They are webbed and have skin instead of scales, and are built for both swimming and flight. Years of pushing through the water have made them strong and very muscular, enabling him to use them as weapons as well as for movement.


Likes: Water, swimming, anything to do with water, surfing the waves, being on his own in his free time, resting on rocks and watching the sunset, moon watching, star gazing, the moon's reflection on the water, the sound of the waves splashing onto the ground, quiet placed, the sound of water all around him, all shades of blue, sleeping underwater, lazing around
Dislikes: Hot places, staying above ground for too long, pretentious dragons,
Fears: Neptune has a fear of not dying in the ocean. He has a fear of not being able to meet a blue whale before he dies. He also has a fear of being seen as weak.

Personality (At least 5 sentences!):

When you first meet him, Neptune is a cold, reserved dragon with little patience and an air of mystery and creepiness around him. He is very wary and untrusting of others due to his past experiences with other dragons. Reach his heart though, and you've got an entirely different dragon.

Kind, honourable and humourous, if you're a friend of Neptune, you'll never see him without a smile for you. He is patient, loving and non-judgemental, and will listen to what you have to say without interrupting you. He is a great listener, as stated before, and will lend you both shoulders to cry on. If you're a friend of Neptune, you have a dragon that will sacrifice the world to save you.

He's got plenty of patience, but has little of it for dragons he calls, "morons, idiots, etc." He's also quite blunt, and when he doesn't like you, you know about it. He is sly and very manipulative, as well as a good liar.


Family (Blood): Hera (Mother) Topaz (Father) Atlantic (Sister) Moon (Brother) Luna (Sister)
Family (In-laws): River (Brother In-Law/Luna's mate) Deera (Niece/Luna's daughter) Thunder (Moon's mate/Brother in law)
Mate (put N/A if she/he has no mate): N/A
Hatchlings (Put N/A if she/he has no mate): N/A
Breed (is your character a pureblood or a hybrid?): Pureblood

History (At least a 5 sentence paragraph!):

Neptune was born underwater, far below the ocean's surface. He was guided to the surface by his mother, whom pushed him upward with her snout to the top.
When he first surfaced and took his first gulps of air, little Neptune was swarmed by his siblings, who poked him with their noses as they rested on his father's outstretched wing. Carrying them to the shore, this was where Neptune spent the first two weeks of his life.

He grew fast. As his body started developing and he started to grow more intelligent, he took to the water, learning to swim quickly.

Growing up was tough for Neptune. Food was scarce and, despite the peaceful area they lived in, the family was often bothered by another, small tribe that lived close by. Eventually, the family decided to move, eventually finding an island to settle down in.

When he turned eleven, Neptune's father passed when he was attacked by an orca, and was given horrible wounds that resulted in his death ot even ten minutes later, and he was then devoured, so his body was never found. Being the youngest and therefore the boldest, Ndptune took it upon himself to feed the family, as even the eldest of his siblings didn't learn to swim and hunt until weeks later then himself. He hunted with ease, catching fish, seals and once brought down a dolphin's calf.

Despite being so busy, Neptune always made the time to go moon watching. He'd sit on the rocks and watch the sunset, and then he'd gaze at the moon as it rose over the horizon. He adores it eith every fibre of his being. When the moon is above him, he never feels alone.

Then came the day Neptune came of age. He strated befoming more independent, and sensed soon he'd leave to start his own life. The call of the sea grew too much for him. And one night, just as the moon came into view, he slid into the water and never came back.

He swam and swam for days on end, stopping on islands to regain his strength and reorientate himself to where the moon would rise. He followed the moon, not knowing why, but he followed. Eventually, he found the shores of the land in which he lives now. He lived on the shore for about two days, resting on the rocks and moon watching as usual. That is, until he saw the SeaScales.

He saw them pass by, a whole group of them, talking about 'feeding the tribe' and other things. Intrigued, Neptune followed, and that's how he found the Tidal Domain. When he found out what it was, the young dragon joined up immediately. And spent the next few years of his life there.


Strengths: Neptune is an extremely intelligent dragon. He's very observational and is good at detecting lies. He's a good liar himself, and is very manipulative when he wants to be.
Weaknesses: Neptune is very blunt when he tries to be honest, so it's easy for him to land himself in trouble when he gives an opinion on certain things. He tends to lie more then tell the truth, so this can get him in trouble as well.

Abilities (Magic abilities):

-Water jet: Neptune can shoot powerful jets of water that has the power of seven powerhoses. it's a freezing cold jet of water and can do serious damage if he shoots in the right places.

Abilities (Physical abilities): To make up for his lack of magical abilities besides his water jet power, Neptune is quite strong and very fast. He can do about seventy miles in the water, but only about fourty in the air. His only problem is he runs out of stamina quite quickly while going at his top speeds. He can go at seventy miles only for about two minutes, tops.
He's a strong dragon, but not the strongest. He can push and shove dragons that are below 1000 KGS.

Sample RP post:

The waves crashing down onto the surf reminded him of the countless evenings he'd spent on that little island, watching the sky change from topaz blue to yellow and light pink, merging together to form a disokay of colour as the sun finally slept for the night, and the moon peeked over the horizon. He rested on the jagged rock, a claw dipped into the water, his tail draped over the grey body of the rock he was curled up on. Releasing a cold, shuddered breath, Neptune watched the moon intently as it rose over the horizon, his eyes widened in anticipation as they seemed to brighten. This, this was what he loved, watching the moon, his only friend, circle the world once before sleeping. While the rest of the world slept, he watched the moon. Moon Watching. His personal form of meditation that required a lot of patience and a lot of all nighters, obviously. Tonight though, he'd slept when the moon reached it's peak.
Alt If Applicable: N/A

Last edited by Neptune on Mon Aug 01, 2016 10:21 am; edited 4 times in total (Reason for editing : Had To Finish :D)
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PostSubject: Re: Neptune Character Application    Sun Jul 31, 2016 1:23 am

Uhm, first of all, why is Storm Moon's mate?! LOL JK, I know that it is obviously a different Storm, just a little off-putting lol.

Second, Neptune's wingspan should be a lot larger, since it counts for both of the wings. You probably want it to be twice his length.
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PostSubject: Re: Neptune Character Application    Mon Aug 01, 2016 10:20 am

Edited and finished Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: Neptune Character Application    Mon Aug 01, 2016 2:10 pm

Approved. Smile
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PostSubject: Re: Neptune Character Application    

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Neptune Character Application
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