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 Zarola, Deadly Huntress

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PostSubject: Zarola, Deadly Huntress    Sat Jan 28, 2017 1:52 pm

General Information:

Name: Zarola
Alias (Nicknames): Z, Zara
Gender: Female
Age (State this in human years): 23
Sexuality: Bisexual
Species: ShadowScale
Faction: The Shadows


Scale/Feather/etc Appearance:
Zarola has dark blue skin that is not very thick, making it easy for enemies to draw blood. It's harder then your standard human skin and slightly thicker.
Height: 12 Feet
Weight: 1100 pounds
Length: 14 feet
Wingspan: She has no wings
Eye colour: Dim greyish yellow

Appearance (give at least a 5 sentence paragraph!):

To say the least, Zarola.. well, by dragon standards isn't the most attractive. She has sharp fangs that protrude from her lips and make them blow up slightly, giving her an almost pug-like end of her snout. Her dim eyes are set beneath trim brows, sat upon by thin, steel coloured horns that curl downward slightly towards her muscular neck.

Zarola's form is more canine then dragon, especially around the stomach, which leans upward into her back legs. She is all muscle and bone, her slightly snake-like neck thick and strong, her legs and shoulders rippling with strength. Her tail has a green 'blade' of sorts at the end of it, used for swiping and slicing at others.

Zarola has wolf-like 'paws,' each one equipped with four deadly claws.

She also has a dim orange stripe running in the middle of her neck and haunches, orange dots trailing it as it ends at her tail. Her face has orange 'tear stains' to help her see in bright areas.


Likes: Hunting, running, her own company, being with small groups, navigating through the woods, moving
Dislikes: Being judged for her appearance, dragons that value their looks over their personalities, anything that alters her face, girlish dragons, 'sludge snow,' being followed, persistent dragons, staying still for a long period of time
Fears: Fire,
Personality (At least 5 sentences!):

Zarola has little patience, something her father frequently ridiculed her on. She is aggressive, quick to anger and doesn't know when to cease being angry. Even the slightest of things can set her off. Zarola is very blunt, and can be almost ignorant in the way that she ridicules others and insults them if she dislikes them. She is a rather lonesome creature, but prefers small groups over large crowds. She doesn't really have a sense of humour, so she never laughs. She is silent, foreboding. She takes pride in her hunting prowess and considers herself an able hunter, and will take anyone who says otherwise to stick it up their tail.

Once you get to know this female, she will still be reserved, but will respect your opinion and listen to what you have to say. She will make time for close friends no matter what she has to do, and is very dedicated to her friendships. Should you want something MORE then a friendship, you'll have to look beyond her looks and see the true personality behind her.

Zarola has a funny quirk. She is like that unmoving statue that never changes. If she says something incorrect, like pronouncing 'archive' like 'ar-ch-ive' rather then 'ar-kive' she will still defend it till she dies. Basically, she never changes, almost stuck in her ways. She will shout and roar until she's allowed to have her way on certain things, even the littlest of arguments. She's that one grumpy, hilarious friend that will make you smile on sad days.

She IS quite the character.


Family (Blood): Daryl, Kaera, Kamira, Odaline, Veera (older sisters) Meera (Mother) Amaro (Father)
Family (In-laws): Her sisters most likely have mates by now, but she's not sure
Mate (put N/A if she/he has no mate): No
Hatchlings (Put N/A if she/he has no mate): No
Breed (is your character a pureblood or a hybrid?): Pureblood

History (At least a 5 sentence paragraph!):

Zarola was always self conscious as a pup. She felt like the ugly duckling among her beautiful sisters, who were sleek, smooth and had teeth that actually stayed in their mouths. Her parents were her supporters, saying she was beautiful no matter what others thought, and even went as far as to say that out of their children, she was the favourite. Zarola took comfort in this and gained more self confidence as she got older. Her sisters never openly told her she wasn't pretty, but she often heard them whispering.

She was left out of games a lot, and so took to hunting with her father. She learned to track, to stalk and to pounce, to chase prey for miles without stopping. Her father said he had never been more proud as he watched her learn to fend for herself, knowing that when the time came, she'd survive on her own.

She became, along with her father, the main provider of the family, taking down animals large and small alike. She was confident enough to leave at eighteen years old, and nearly did, feeling the urge to go out into the world and fend for herself, until her mother fell gravely ill.

Her sisters had all left by then, being older then herself, and she was just about to follow them when her mother fell sick. She knew her father would not be able to cope, and so she stayed to help. She knew very little about healing, her second eldest sister, Kamira, did, but she did her best.

Two weeks later, her mother drew her final breath, and found peace at last.

Zarola felt her whole world darken, but the darkest part was seeing her father in grieving. He never left the cave after that, a lifeless look in his eyes. "She was my other half," he whispered so many times she could remember it years later. "I will never be complete again."

While her father was in depression, Zarola tried to hunt for him. She succeeded in bringing him meals, but he constantly pushed them away. She felt more alone then ever.

One day, while Zarola was heading out of the cave to hunt, her father stopped her. "Zara.. it is time you fended for yourself," he said softly, standing beside her on the cliff. Zarola felt her chest tighten. "But Father, you will no-" she started to protest, but her father silenced her with a paw. "I will hunt for myself. I promise you that," he looked like a ghost, a zombie, skinny and unclean. "I am old. My time has been served. Your mother, Astaria rest her soul, has served hers, and has been brought to the world of serenity. Soon, I will follow her." Zara lowered her head, trying not to whimper. "But you, my darling.. you have your whole life to experience the world in a way that we never did." She raised her eyes to his. Her father extended a front leg towards the horizon. "Go. Follow your heart, use your head, remember what I taught you, trust your instincts.. and you will survive," he smiled, and Zarola hugged him, nuzzling into his neck. When they pulled away, he said the last thing he'd ever say to her. "Now, run, child of the wind."

Zarola looked towards the horizon, and ran.

She discovered Ellesmera some weeks later, and once she found The Shadows tribe she joined up as soon as she could, knowing that this was a new opportunity for her. A fresh start.

Let's see where she goes in life.



Zarola is strong, fast and has great endurance, though she has more of the latter then strength. She can run at speeds of 77mph, slightly faster then a cheetah, and can keep up this speed for about two minutes. She can push things below 1200 pounds.


Zarola is strong, but is not the strongest.

Her lack of patience can lead to her snapping at other creatures regardless of their rank or where they came from, landing her in trouble.

She has a blind spot directly behind her.

She has brilliant hearing and sight, but below average sense of smell.

She has no magic and is particularly weak towards it.

She's a bad liar and isn't great at socialising.

She isn't good with words, she prefers to speak with her bite rather then her bark.

Abilities (Magic abilities):

Abilities (Physical abilities):

She can run at speeds of 77mph.

She can push things below 1200 pounds.
Sample RP post:
Alt If Applicable:

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PostSubject: Re: Zarola, Deadly Huntress    Wed Feb 01, 2017 10:24 pm

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Zarola, Deadly Huntress
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