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 Upcoming For Untamed Skies!

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PostSubject: Upcoming For Untamed Skies!   Thu Sep 08, 2016 12:01 am

Untamed Skies Monthly Sept 16

Welcome I would like to announce that I believe a monthly update topic would be best for the site, as this gives news and info to you guys along with stuff in the works. So feel free to post below about ideas you wish to express and stuff you have in the works. These will be an extra way for you guys to express feelings to improve the site, along with providing upcoming details for events, expansions in lore, Staff changes, new features.. etc.

First off after our launch we have gained a number of members and I would like to introduce Location RP, basically topics will be created which are permanently in place for random roleplays for your characters. For example for the Tidal a beach area where people can meet, or just randomly talk. Its a way for you guys to rp random daily stuff, of course if you want to.  

Next up we have more ranks coming along, currently in the works so expect them in a few days. These will include general ranks and high ranks. Also introducing a system which allows Kings/Queens to create their own ranks which they desire.

Also I've been thinking about games for the site, mostly text games which can provide an entertaining environment. As I'm looking to create a text adventure game which can easily be done via posts, Imagine a dungeon master kind of like thing yet fitting our lore and stories. If its indeed a success then I don't see why not to let others create their own.

Those are the main features a few small things will be changed are added onto the site but nothing too important, like I said above feel free to give feedback about the site, ideas are always welcomed as its helps us grow.
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PostSubject: Re: Upcoming For Untamed Skies!   Thu Sep 08, 2016 5:58 pm

All of this sounds great! It will be cool to start doing games, as it will get our growing community together. Smile
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Upcoming For Untamed Skies!
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