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 Storm - Lightning Warrior(Bringing over from DRF)

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PostSubject: Storm - Lightning Warrior(Bringing over from DRF)   Wed Mar 08, 2017 7:04 pm

General Information:

Name: Storm
Alias: Fluffy(By Athena)
Gender: Male
Age (State this in human years): 16
Sexuality: Straight
Species: Dragon
Faction: Rogue
Rank: N/A


Scale/Feather/etc Appearance:

Height: 30 feet
Weight: Healthy weight. I don't know exact measurements.
Length: 42 feet
Wingspan: 85 feet
Eye colour: Green

Appearance: Storm is a small, purple NightWing with light blue spikes running along his back. He has very pale blue, almost white horns coming out from the top of his head. Down his entire underside, there are lighter purple scales that shimmer like stars to help him camouflage in the air at night. Except for under his wings. Under the wings it looks like the black night sky itself is in them with tons of stars. He wears obsidian battle claws around his talons to make them extremely sharp in battle. They are enchanted so they never dull or break. He also wears a pendant around his neck with a large, smooth, round ruby in the middle, with obsidian surrounding it. This is also enchanted, allowing him to never break a bone, no matter how hard he is hit. This doesn't mean he is invincible or can't get stabbed or bleed, though.


Likes: Being with his friends or the ones he loves, adventuring, and practicing combat.
Dislikes: Dragons that will hurt him or anyone close to him, death, and being bored for too long.
Fears: Not being able to protect his friends and watching them die, or losing them in one way or another.
Personality: Storm is a dragon that can usually be seen smiling, especially if he is with friends. He can be goofy and playful, but also can be really serious depending on the situation. And while he doesn't like bloodshed or death, he will fight to the death if he has to protect himself or others. Though if there is a way around killing the opponent, he will take it. Death is only a last resort for Storm.


Family (Blood): Shadowfang(Dad) and Nya(Mom), who both died in a battle while Storm was not yet hatched.
Family (In-laws): N/A
Mate: N/A
Hatchlings: Sarah(Adoptive daughter)
Breed: Pureblood NightWing

History: Both of Storm's parents died while he was still unhatched while they were in a battle. A kind NightWing who was a friend of Shadowfang and Nya took him in and adopted him as his son. Storm was bullied a lot when he was a dragonet in the NightWing tribe because of his small size. His adoptive father died when he was ten. He stayed with the NightWings a while longer until he turned fourteen, when he left and joined the SkyWings.

Storm became friends with some members of the tribe. They trained him until he was as fast and graceful in the air as an actual SkyWing, his small size helping him out.He thought that the SkyWing territory was where he belonged. He eventually became lieutenant of the tribe, King Tion the only one who ranked above him. But that's when everything started to go wrong.

First, Storm best friend and companion, Athena, died to the hands of a merciless killer. After that, his other best friend, Atrex, killed himself out of grief of losing Athena. He couldn't believe what was happening. So he resigned from SkyWing lieutenant and took his adopted daughter, Sarah, deep into the mountains where no one could find them. He needed some time to rest.

There, Storm and Sarah built themselves a log cabin and stayed there for a couple years. After a lot of time passed, he was shocked to find the presumed dead Athena wandering close to his house. He took her in and housed her. She explained how she came back to life and made it through everything up to that point.

That very night, Storm was in bed, when he woke up with a start. Something seemed off. That was just before a portal opened up right below him and he fell in, darkness enveloping him. Inside the portal it was pitch black. He landed on cold hard ground, not able to see anything. It was complete and utter darkness. He yelled and cried in the blackness, his voice seeming to just disappear. He stayed there for what seemed like an eternity, before he fell asleep again from exhaustion.

Storm woke up to find himself on a grassy hill. This was not Pyyria anymore. He had woken up in Ellesmera.


Strengths: Storm is good at reading many different runes and languages, which can be useful in many situations. During battle, he is good at darting in between opponents. He is also good at not letting his small size get him down in battles.
Weaknesses: Storm's weakness is that he can get hurt really easily if he is not careful, due to his small size.

Magic abilities: Storm can shoot purple orbs of sleeping dust from out of his mouth, and if an opponent breathes it in, he or she will immediately fall into a deep sleep for about an hour. It can be blocked, but it will make the part of the body that it hits to go numb for a short while. It dissipates when it hits something. The orbs are about a foot in diameter and can go quite a long distance. They can go on for nearly half of a mile before completely dissipating, making it a great long-range weapon. He can also send it out in a mist too, so that it covers more area.

Physical abilities: Storm likes to try to take his opponents into the air, because that's where he his fastest and can fight the best. But he is also very quick on the ground, landing in quick hits with his sharp battle claws or shooting them with his sleeping breath from a distance. He puts all of that together for a fast paced fighting style.

Sample RP post: Storm was hoping that he didn't have to attack but when the dragon snapped at him, he know he had to fight. That growl sounded familiar somehow... He couldn't quite place it, but it made him uncomfortable that he recognized it. Storm snapped into action. He moved backwards a step as the dragon snapped at him before throwing a couple quick jabs with his talons  and sweeping at the opponent's feet to see how he would react.
Alt If Applicable: Ferox

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PostSubject: Re: Storm - Lightning Warrior(Bringing over from DRF)   Wed Mar 08, 2017 7:07 pm

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Storm - Lightning Warrior(Bringing over from DRF)
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