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 Arkhor - God of Life & Seas

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God of Life & Seas

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PostSubject: Arkhor - God of Life & Seas   Thu Jul 21, 2016 1:16 pm

General Information:

Name: Arkhor
Alias (Nicknames): Ark
Gender: Male
Age (State this in human years): Unknown
Sexuality: Straight
Species: Sea Dragon


Scale/Feather/etc Appearance:
Sky Blue scales along with orange fins and chest plate.
Height: 40 ft (Can change his size)
Weight: 2000 KG
Length: 60ft
Wingspan: 30ft
Eye colour: Orange

Fairly muscular with medium sized legs, sliver coloured claws, Large dark blue wings which are larger than his body, 2 large dark blue long horns on the back of his head, with a lighter blue fur covering his spine as a mane from head to tail. His tail is quite long with a tipped end. His underbelly has lighter blue scales from his chest to tail. Armor: His tail is armed with a blade attached parallel to the side which he can use to swipe foes, also protective armor covering his chest and legs.    


Likes: Exploration, Stargazing and swimming
Dislikes: Being Threatened, Loosing things he loves, Bullies
Fears: Being trapped and alone in the world.
Personality: Ark is a protective, but kind Dragon who looks after his own kind to provide safety for the lands. Ark believes in peace and wishes no harm to any Dragon no matter the allegiance, but will defend himself and others if the need arises. He is sociable, open to make friends and will help those who are in need. A truly loyal Dragon. He believes all life is special, where life is for life and he must protect it from those who wish to destroy or hinder it. Upon all of ages hatchlings are the most special, as they are creation it self and killing or harming such is the worst crime.


Family (Blood): N/A
Family (In-laws): N/A
Mate (put N/A if she/he has no mate): Astaria
Hatchlings (Put N/A if she/he has no mate): N/A
Breed (is your character a pureblood or a hybrid?): Pureblood

History: Arkhor's History is here


Strengths: Fast swimmer and glider, Being able to control water to do his bidding
Weaknesses: Weak for the most part of strong temperatures due to his seascale state.  

Abilities (Magic abilities): Can sense when his friends are in danger. Also being able to control water, for example creating whirlpools & tidal waves, he also has the ability to use water like armor. Ark can also give this protection to other dragons.

Being able to control water, he can remove water from living beings apart from dragons. The more water Ark has control of his strength increases by 50%, when fully submerged its doubled.

Being able to talk to Sea creatures, call upon them and control them.

Healing Powers, the first state is using water which he is controlling this is the weakest version where it can only heal wounds mostly, normally Ark will use this in a fight to help allies or himself. The second is required by using his paws, placing them on the wound or area effected he can treat deep wounds or even internal injuries.

Water Form, Ark can transform into water, this gives he more agility with being able to transform and reform back to his original state.

Water Teleportation, He also has the power to teleport to large bodies of water, for example a lake, large pond, sea... etc. This also includes visuals, being able to spot beings in the water and when its raining he gains a sense when beings are close by.

Creation, Being able to create life from water, and even create water from thin air if he has enough energy.

Extending Life, Ark is able to extend dragons lives but at a cost of energy and he can't keep them from dying or extend it infinitely. This is used very rarely as it only delays the inevitable.

Sphere of creation, Ark's most powerful ability as this is rarely seen or heard of. Creating a sphere of water around himself which explodes sending an energy wave miles away in every direction. This causes healing effects and drains those who are hit of their energy so they are unable to fight this would last around an hour. Though with this immense power it takes atleast 48 hours to recharge and his own energy is reduced massively.  

Abilities (Physical abilities): Apart from ramming into foes and mainly using his god powers thats about it XD

Sample RP post:
Arkhor watched towards his creations only to suddenly notice a small dragon struggling in the forest, all alone and panicking. Getting closer he soon realised that in fact it was a hatchling from the Lightscales, he knew if he didn't help some how the poor young one could die. Frowning slightly knowing he shouldn't but he did so anyways, not appearing only using his voice he spoke to the hatchling "Don't be afraid.. I can help you find your way.. still follow my voice.. lets get you home" using his powers trying to provide a calming atmosphere.
Alt If Applicable:

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PostSubject: Re: Arkhor - God of Life & Seas   Thu Jul 21, 2016 2:18 pm


Just had to fix a typo. Razz
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Arkhor - God of Life & Seas
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