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 Ellesmera - Creation

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PostSubject: Ellesmera - Creation   Mon Jul 18, 2016 6:30 pm

Creation of Ellesmera

Ellesmera, the land of wild beasts was created millions of years ago before any memory was born. As a deity who's name is unknown created the world around in a sea of light. As time past the creatures which where born shared similarities with their creator, as they evolved into different forms each becoming separate from one another a race had to control the majority. The race which succeeded are called dragons as they came in different appearances suited to their appropriate climate.

Shortly after the first tribes formed the divine entity became unsettled with an internal struggle, leading into a split creating two new divine creatures. Named Arkhor & Astaria, Arkhor being the god of Life & Seas he looks towards peace and love towards every creature, protecting people against chaos. While Astaria the goddess of Death & Sky is almost the opposite of her companion with guiding spirits towards the afterlife, while she also controls the stars and moon. While they are the Yin & Yang they cannot be without each other, therefore they are partners even with their disagreements. As the dragons grew into more tribal styles Arkhor decided to reveal himself yet in a form as mortal dragon, which was towards his sea like kin which would later been known as the Tidal Domain. He was praised as a savour and a leader yet his influence ended as his mortal form died he returned back to his normal state, as they created a religion focused towards him and his mate.  

As time went by the factions started to take shape with the Tidal Domain being the first thanks to Arkhor's advances, yet this spread towards the others and created a rivalry between the Sky Empire and Ember Alliance. Ultimately Arkhor had created a war between the empire and the alliance, which lead him into pain for those who he helped create. With many of his creations dying he felt ashamed as he hoped for there to be peace between the two. Finally the war ended with the Ember taking most of the damage towards their landscape with evident damage towards woodland. As the peace has lasted to the current time the Shadows focus towards their knowledge of the magic which was left behind following the split of the divine entity.
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Ellesmera - Creation
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