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 Upon The Wild Cliffs -Open-

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PostSubject: Upon The Wild Cliffs -Open-   Sun Nov 13, 2016 4:04 pm

Just beyond the mountain range down the bottom of the Sky Empire territory, great cliffs formed a wall that blocked the sea, it's surface ragged and worn away by the constant gnawing of the waves.

Upon this cliff, was Adelmo.

The mighty griffin laid upon the edge, massive talons folded over one another, beak clasped shut into an expression of peaceful indifference to the world. His hazel eyes scanned the ocean, where the blue sky met the world at the horizon line. What was beyond that line? A long drop into hell? A huge waterfall that never ended? These questions might never be answered, for those that went there never came back.

Adelmo was curious to find out what was there.

He sighed softly and smiled gently, closing his eyes as a wild breeze ruffled his great feathers, his tail, laid out behind him, flicking upwards to receive cooling from the heat.
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PostSubject: Re: Upon The Wild Cliffs -Open-   Sun Nov 13, 2016 4:13 pm

Freyja didn't get out much.

She regretted that, for there was so much more to see then just the ragged volcanoes and lava lakes of her home.

No, this female had a taste for adventure.

She glided over the cliffs at the edge of the Sky Empire, her eyes trained upon the sapphire blue oceans below. It reminded her of that dragon.. what was his name? Neptune? Oh, he was cute. Freyja smirked. But her fangirling moments were over, she was now in her element when it came to this particular dragon. She needed to step up her game if she wanted to.. get to know him.

Spreading her wings to their full length, Freyja slowed, coming to a stop in the air. She hovered there for a few moments, wings spread out like a kestrel's wings, and then, she saw something on the cliff. A living, breathing thing.

Her eyes were drawn to it, and once she saw what it was, her eyes widened. A griffin, perhaps the biggest she'd ever seen, was lounging upon the cliffs.

Folding her wings to her sides, Freyja dived a metre or so, but then lost her nerve, and just flapped and lowered herself towards him.

Landing a few feet to his right, Freyja touched down on the ground softly and looked at him as she approached. Now that she could make out some of his features, Freyja could tell this griffin was around twice her age. Disappointing. Still though, he was quite good looking for a male his age.

Smirking lightly, Freyja slunk over and stood facing him. "Good day," she greeted him, tilting her head. " What brings you to these cliffs?" she asked. Freyja was.. naturally nosy, to say the least, so naturally, the first question that came out of her mouth was what he was doing here. Names could come later.
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PostSubject: Re: Upon The Wild Cliffs -Open-   Sun Nov 13, 2016 9:38 pm

Salvadore's wings beat softly, battling the gravity that threatened to pull him to the water and cliffs if he fell. One mistake, one second of losing control, and it's all over.

That was why he flew so high. To feel the adrenaline coursing through his veins as he soared through the air, wings brushing the low clouds as he flew by.

The wind rustled as he flapped his powerful wings, resembling a golden eagle in flight. Except far larger, with far more deadly talons and far more powerful wings.

Salvadore often wondered, what was it like to fly among the stars? Many said the dead flew to the moon and stars after meeting with the goddess of death, Astaria, and soared among them. They said each star was a passed soul, and every shooting star was a newcomer having his or her last flight on Earth.

Salvadore glanced up above at this thought, and smiled lightly.

Then, he flipped onto his back.

Slowly, he did a half barrel roll, now upside down.

And then he started dropping.

Pointing his nose at the ground, Salvadore grinned as his speed picked up, and his feathers pressed themselves against his body from the sheer force of the gravity and air aiding one another.

And Salvadore was dropping at Arkhor knows how many miles an hour.

Salvadore's eyes stung with tears, but he ignored it. Closing his eyes, Salvadore let the air roughly massage his hide, wings clasped tightly to his feathered sides.

The fall was too short for his liking.

The ground came too quickly, the cliffs appearing too fast, and Salvadore was forced to pull up, the adrenaline fading as a loud breath escaped him with the huge wave that rose beneath him, crashing into the cliff in front of him.

Looking up, Salvadore noticed a fire dragon speaking with a griffin, clearly holding a conversation. Or trying to.

Flapping his wings, Salvadore rose quickly, landing on the cliff off to the left of the griffin with a soft thud, touching down gently. He remained silent for a moment, merely gazing upon the older, wiser griffin.

And Salvadore bowed his head, picking a talon off the ground slightly so only the very tips of the claws brushed the ground.

"Arkhor has blessed you with great age, sire. May he continue to do so. Salutations." When he was acknowledged, Salvadore raised his head, placing his talon back on the ground.

He gave a brief nod to the FireClaw behind the griffin, before returning his gaze to the wise one. He had that.. air about him. A calming peacefulness. It made Salvadore comfortable around him, despite the presence of another. This was a griffin you could talk to and trust, Salvadore felt it in his gut.

"What brings you upon these cliffs, sire?| he asked.
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PostSubject: Re: Upon The Wild Cliffs -Open-   Sun Nov 13, 2016 9:57 pm

Adelmo's meditation session was.. interrupted, when the beating of wings entered his ears. They flicked and pricked, and Adelmo opened his hazel brown eyes.

He turned his mighty head just as a female FireClaw landed on the cliff beside him, tucking her sharp edged wings into her dark sides. Before she even opened her mouth, Adelmo was scanning her visage and form very briefly, taking in her appearance.

She was a slender dragoness with muscled legs and a well toned chest. Her head, ridged with sharp horns that form a kind of 'frill' around the top half of her face, was slender and soft featured. She was coal black in color, her eyes a shimmering red. She was rather young, she barely looked past adolescence. Or maybe that was just him.

The young female opened her mouth, addressing him first with a 'good day,' then a question.

Before Adelmo could answer, a brown and white blur shot past the cliff, interrupting his thought process very briefly. The rustle of air ruffled his feathers, and as Adelmo turned his head, his eyes locked onto a griffin as he stretched his wings.

Adelmo chuckled as the griffin looked up and ascended. A fine flyer. He reminded him of himself when he was young and adventurous. He had lived life on the edge, and this was what this one was doing now.

As the griffin landed on the cliff, Adelmo took in his features. He was a rather good looking griffin, with finely shaped ears and a sharp beak, and well preened feathers. There was a funny smell of.. paint? Coming off his feathers. Adelmo tilted his head, but didn't comment.

To his surprise, the young griffin bowed to him in a way that many would only do towards a much higher ranking animal. Adelmo, taken aback, blinked rapidly, beak opening very slightly in his shock. "Salutations, fine flyer. May the wind take you above the clouds." To his credit, Adelmo recovered rather quickly. Being a good speaker had it's benefits. It allowed you to think and compose yourself quickly.

The young one acknowledged the FireClaw behind Adelmo, before asking him why he was here. Adelmo smiled kindly at him. "Please, do not address me as sire, it is too formal a title," He chuckled. "My name is Adelmo, and you are?" he introduced himself, before asking the griffin of his title.

He then looked out to the sea, a light in his dark eyes, like a single star in the night sky. "I come here a lot to meditate. It is soothing to the soul."
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PostSubject: Re: Upon The Wild Cliffs -Open-   Mon Nov 21, 2016 5:49 am

A strange figure had made his way to themountains in search of his meal. It was obvious he was not from around here his body strange with its white fur and red gemns. The blue scales on him quite noticable amongst the mountains. Azronical had left his mate for a bit as she noticed him getting restless and she had assured him the eggs would be fine whilst he was out. He was one of the last ebonystrikers and being the earth ebonystrikers he was he had been mineing out gems to eat from the dark caves.

He still was rather unknown by most of the dragons around these parts and spent alot of his time either holed up with his mate or in caves so there was a certain lack of knowledge on who he was. Currently he was exiting a dusty cave a grin on him as he had plenty of gems tucked away in the sack hanging from his head.

 It was then he noticed the gathering of curious figures two of them gryphons and a single dragoness. It was then he decided to lumber down from the cave to see what was going on as he did feel it would be good to get to know others some more.when he got closer he said a rather simple "Hello." Normally he would have avoided them in fear of seeming threatining because of how different he was but he was in a good and optimistic mood for sure.

Last edited by Azronical on Thu Nov 24, 2016 6:52 am; edited 2 times in total
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PostSubject: Re: Upon The Wild Cliffs -Open-   Tue Nov 22, 2016 10:26 am

Faida was always considered an outcast of society.

Many dragons considered her a thief, and often chased her from their homes when she came to ask for food. The last creature that had been kind to her had been an old dragoness with a wanting for company. But alas, even she sent her on her way.

Faida wanted a home, but nobody wanted to take in a dirty griffin hatchling with a tendency to bite if you annoyed her.

Maybe that was why nobody wanted her. She wasn't ladylike.

Faida sighed as she leaped over a fallen log, landing softly on the other side without much grace. Why did society have to set such high bars for you to be considered a member of it?

Faida just wanted a wing over her. She wanted a mum. A dad. She was alone in this world.

Her sad and rather morbid train of thought was broken when the young griffin heard voices. Raising her head, Faida looked up from the ground just in time to see a rather unusual looking dragon lumbering down the mountainside. Quickly, she darted into the bushes and crouched down, watching the dragon as he passed right by where she was hiding. Her blue, blue eyes narrowed as she watched him. What was going on?

Briefly, Faida debated on whether or not to approach. Her reckless, adventurous side told her to follow this gem-coated stranger, the other, more sensible side told her to leave it and go look for more food.

Alas, Faida was curious. And curiosity, in this case, killed the cat. Or, well, griffin.

Faida crept after the dragon, slinking through the bushes like a jungle cat. Or at least, she liked to think she resembled a big cat stalking it's prey. In reality, her movements were clumsy and rushed, too eager to chase.

Faida only heard the sound of the powerful waves when the trees ended, revealing a broad cliff face dropping into the ocean she couldn't see. The sky was a brilliant, lovely blue, framed by soft, fluffy clouds, some dipping below the horizon line of the cliffs.

Upon those cliffs, were three dragons. Two griffins, one a young, good looking male, the other, she recognized. Adelmo. Faida smiled.

The third creature, a young and beautiful FireScale female, made Faida raise a brow. She was.. unsure, of this female.

Faida looked on from the hedges, unaware that in her crouched position, one could see her blue eyes if they looked over, peering out of the bushes.
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PostSubject: Re: Upon The Wild Cliffs -Open-   

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Upon The Wild Cliffs -Open-
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