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 Shiranui, the white spear in the sky

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Sky Guardian

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PostSubject: Shiranui, the white spear in the sky   Sun Oct 23, 2016 10:41 pm

General Information:

Name: Shiranui
Alias (Nicknames): Shira ,Snowflake
Age (State this in human years): 17
Sexuality: Pansexual
Species: Lightscale
Faction: Sky Empire
Rank: Guardian


Scale/Feather/etc Appearance:
Being an albino, Shiranui has white scales and feathers though she has vauge red markings on the rim of her eyes and on her forehead.
Height: 23 ft (36 ft when stanting on two legs)
Weight: 350 KG
Length: 45 ft
Wingspan: 31 ft
Eye colour: Redish Pink

Appearance (give at least a 5 sentence paragraph!):

Shiranui has the atributes of an eastern dragon with mixes of her western side showing through as well. She has the slight body structure of her eastern side but not as elongated as her eastern bretheren. Her horns are long and slightly curved with golden etched rings on them. and she has feathers that start from her head all the way to her tail, her wings are also feathered. She walks on four legs but on occasion will stand on two just to make herself look bigger in the face of danger.

Her tail is long and makes up the most of her length, her tail being bigger than her body itself.


Likes: Hatchlings, reading, Drawing art. Sleeping
Dislikes: Poachers (Humans),Getting lost. Hot climates
Fears: Humans and the dark (hilarious)
Personality (At least 5 sentences!): Shiranui is known for being quiet, mature, kind, and gentle always aiding those in need, but also unafraid to show her opinion. She can  also be very intelligent. She also has a low attention span, which results in her falling asleep if someone explains something for too long or if she already knows what is being explained.

Shiranui tends to get easily offended yet she'll hide her emotions when said thing happens, yet it doesn't stop others from seeing that she clearly is offended.


Family (Blood): Hana (Mother, Eastern japanese dragon/Missing) Lector (Father, western dragon/Dead) Frigir (Brother/ alive) Taron (Brother/Alive)
Family (In-laws): N/A
Mate (put N/A if she/he has no mate):N/A
Hatchlings (Put N/A if she/he has no mate): N/A
Breed (is your character a pureblood or a hybrid?): Hybrid/mix of two dragons

History (At least a 5 sentence paragraph!):

When she was born, she was loved by her mother, ridiculed by her brothers and mostly ignored by her father. Considering where she was born, there were loads of supernatural legends and or myths of how a dragon of pure white or red is considered a bad omen.

She was an Albino, she had both.

Her upbringing was solely based around her mother. Who when her brothers had pushed her to the side and eaten the dinner their father caught right in front of shiranui, only leaving scraps behind. She would always have somthing special wise for her dinner.

Shiranui was taught everything from her mother, from her famous Sky dive attack to how she could crack her tail like a whip. Her mother would also take her to Shrines where the creatures that called themselves "monks" would pray at and learn things from Shiranui's mother. Shiranui herself, didn't know how to make of the "monks" so always stayed hidden.

One day however, somthing happened. There were other creatures.. like the monks but they called themselves "Slayers" that came to her home looking for them to kill.

On instinct, her mother kicked her and her brothers out the cave to run/fly for saftey. And thats what they did.

The flight took hours, and she had gotten herself lost from her brothers..well, by lost, her brothers ditched her for dead.

She would fly for days and days before coming into unfamilliar land, landing for rest by a territory ruled by others. Though skeptical of her they let her in.

And that was how her life in the new land she'd soon call home began.


Strengths: Shiranui is exellelent at Flight as she from her smaller than average stature for a dragon can help her speed up to incredible speeds. Like that of a diving hawk that can go up to 200 mph.
Weaknesses: Her scales are weaker than the average dragon, things like spikes, spears and anything with even a small point could penentrate her skin and cause wounds that can range from minor to life threatening.
Abilities (Magic abilities): Shiranui can summon lightning shot in a vararity of ways, regular lightning, Ground to sky lightning, cloud lightning and even ball lightning.

Abilities (Physical abilities): Despite her weak stature, she can cut through certain things with her claws as if it was paper. This does not include rocks, crystals, armour or thick dragon hide. Her tail is where most her strength lies in. She can whip it like a..well, whip at such speeds where it creates a loud *CRACK* sound with the air. Though it hurts after if she uses it on stronger creatures.

She's upmost in her element in the air. Remember the hawk thing? when she's diving she can go up to a maximum speed of 200 mph just by tucking in her wings, legs and straightening herself out. She becomes a missile that while would hurt upon impact, is still easy to dodge if you see it coming. Impact causes dizzyness and in rare cases with stronger opponents, cuncussion to Shiranui.

Sample RP post: Shiranui had forgotten how long it'd been since she left home..well over a couple years now. She'd been training herself to become a guardian for the ruler of the Sky empire.

But today was hunting buiesness by the sea. Her hunger for fish had grown too strong to bare and she was ready to dive into the ocean just to eat a salmon if needed. She hovered in the sky, her wings keeping her aloft as she waited for the right chance to snag one with her claw.

1...2....3...*SPLASH!* Her claw gripped at an eel that was wriggling helplessly in her grasp. It was not much, but it'd do.
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PostSubject: Re: Shiranui, the white spear in the sky   Mon Oct 24, 2016 4:05 pm

APPROVED nice bio Razz
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Shiranui, the white spear in the sky
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