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 Garden Of Life (Open)

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PostSubject: Garden Of Life (Open)   Fri Oct 07, 2016 7:21 pm

If one had swam several metres below the surface, to where the water turned a deep blue, and they were swimming below the island off in the bottom right corner of the Tidal Domain, they would have been greeted by a spectacular sight.

A garden, full of coral and underwater flowers. The place was all the colors of the rainbow.

However, one could not approach, because an invisible dome of strong currents surrounded the place, pushing or throwing back all who dared try enter.

The only one who could get in or out, was Cordelia.

She circled the garden, swift shadow gliding along the ground. She went at a leisurely pace, tail swaying from side to side as she guarded her territory. The garden was about half an acre long and half an acre in width, backed up against the wall of the island above. There was a cave entrance, but what was inside was a secret.

Cordelia sighed as she stretched her limbs and twisted her head, her neck giving a satisfied crack. She was content to watch over her garden, but at the same time, things were.. oddly boring. Was it loneliness? Surely not. She had her flowers, and her tree. She was more then happy. Isolated, with nobody but she, herself, and her garden.

Swiftly twisting around as she neared the invisible wall of her garden, Cordelia glanced around. Nothing. Nobody was there.
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Garden Of Life (Open)
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