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 Cordelia, Jewel Of The Sea

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PostSubject: Cordelia, Jewel Of The Sea   Thu Oct 06, 2016 9:04 pm

General Information:

Name: Cordelia
Alias (Nicknames): Cora, Coral, Jewel,
Gender: Female
Age (State this in human years):26
Sexuality: Straight
Species: SeaScale
Faction: None
Rank: Rogue


Scale/Feather/etc Appearance:

Height: 40 Feet
Weight: 1600 KGS
Length: 50 Feet
Wingspan:100 Feet
Eye colour: Black with blue fading in at the bottom

Appearance (give at least a 5 sentence paragraph!):

Cordelia has a very thin snout that is a mixture of many colors. There is green on her lower jaw that fades into a pale yellow on her snout and chin, and a turquoise color on her cheeks. She has several ridged plates going up her snout, forming a ridge over her eye.

She has fin like 'flaps' that replace her horns, and they curl and bend with the currents of the water. They are used to express her feelings, such as anger, anxiety or curiosity. They fade from a very pale yellow, almost white, to a deep sea blue. forming a sort of crown around Cordelia's head.

Cordelia has unusual shaped plates covering her stomach, shaped like a double battle axes head, and are a pale turquoise in color.

The nearer the scales get to the plates, they lighter they become, until they are a light yellow.

The rest of Cordelia's body is coated by much larger blue scales that fade to yellow near their bottoms. Her body eventually thins out into a point that suddenly flares out into a beautiful display of a feathery, wavy substance that reminds one of a mermaid's tail. It is used to help push her forward in the water, although her legs give her most of her acceleration.

Cordelia has a very slim, stream lined body to help her move through the water. She has four legs, each accompanied by fins on the back of their elbows and knees.

Cordelia has fins on her back, starting just underneath her crown, and end three quarters of the way down her tail. They are dark purple in color.


Likes: Underwater gardening, nurturing plants, guarding her garden
Dislikes: Intruders, things that disturb or harm her plants in any way, talk of death, ghosts or voodoo magic,
Fears: Somebody destroying the garden, the 'Abyss,' black magic, voodoo, nightmares,
Personality (At least 5 sentences!):

Fierce and sassy are the two most notable traits about Cordelia. She is not to be trifled with when it comes to her garden. Outside of the garden, she is vigilant, yet tolerable, but if you mess with her near or in the garden, you're dead. Cordelia is stone cold and it is very hard to earn her trust and respect, much less her loyalty and friendship. She is not the most short tempered of females, but it will not take much for something to irk her and, eventually, anger her. Cordelia can come off as ignorant, rude and even self centered, as well as cheeky.

Once you get passed her tough outer shell, Cordelia is quite the character. She is still quite closed off with you, but will listen and pay attention to what you have to say. She will give advice to you and will happily answer any questions about gardening.

Cordelia has been traumatized by the events regarding her father's death, and will sometimes fly into a blind rage, and destroy something, be it a rock or she'll dig a hole. But she will never lash out on one of her plants or, Arkhor forbid, the tree.

The nightmares she has consist of her father's ghost coming back to haunt her, or her falling into the abyss, or a mixture of the two. The most common one, and the most horrifying, is her father's ghost dragging her into the Abyss. This explains her fear of ghosts and black magic, as well as the dark.


Family (Blood):

Aquarius (Father, deceased)
Ambu (Mother, deceased)

Family (In-laws):  


Mate (put N/A if she/he has no mate): N/A
Hatchlings (Put N/A if she/he has no hatchlings): N/A
Breed (is your character a pureblood or a hybrid?): Pureblood

History (At least a 5 sentence paragraph!):

Having been born without a mother, Cordelia was raised by her father, who played the role of mother and father. Cordelia was taught how to nurture the plants since she was five, giving her the experience she has today. Aquarius always told her to never go near the Abyss. Cordelia obeyed her father, being his perfect, dutiful daughter, and all was well.

That is, until her 16th birthday.

Cordelia's father disappeared one night, just as the moon reached it's peak. The last time Cordelia saw him was him swimming over the cliff into the abyss. She was drowsy, so she went back to sleep, thinking she was dreaming.

The next morning, Cordelia went looking for her father, but never found him. Remembering the previous night's events, she cried and cried as she mourned the disappearance of her only family.

From then on, Cordelia lived in solitude, defending and nurturing her garden, and living with the guilt of 'letting her father die.'




Cordelia is extremely intelligent, especially when it comes to observation of plants.

Vigilance: Cordelia always has her wits about her, giving her an edge in battle and in dangerous situations.


Trauma: Cordelia can suddenly fly into a blind rage, taking her anger out on rocks, sand or, worst case scenario, other dragons. This rage can be caused by something that triggers her memory of her father's death, which brings pain, then guilt, then rage. Having been isolated from the rest of the world for years and only knowing aggressive situations with others, Cordelia doesn't know how to talk about her feelings or ask for help.

Social Skills: Being isolated means you can't get social skills. While Cordelia grew up with a loving father, she has no clue about other types of socializing with strangers, royalty, that sort of thing. This can lead her to making mistakes or foolish comments.

Clumsiness On Land: Cordelia has a hard time adjusting to change, which means she never dares go on land unless it's something really interesting or important. This means she will stumble, trip and do just about every clumsy trick in the book while she's on soil. This makes her very vulnerable to attacks.

Wingless: Cordelia has no wings, meaning she can't fly. This means she is unable to fight in the air, or fly to escape certain situations unless she's in the water, meaning there is no 'flight or fight,' there's just 'fight.'

Abilities (Magic abilities):


By honing her magic, Cordelia can create up to five mini whirlpools, about the width of a human hand the height of a horse up to it's head. The whirlpools can move at her command, sweeping up bacteria from her plants and cleaning up surfaces, bringing them back to her. She then sends them to the abyss where they dump the rubbish. They can also take seeds from a blooming plant and fertilize another.

Water Wall:

Her most powerful ability, Cordelia can control currents of water to create a wall. Her most powerful one is the permanent one that surrounds her garden. It is almost invisible, but you can feel the ripples in the water. It is impossible to go through for many dragons, as they as forced back or thrown backwards. Cordelia has set this up so it is a forever-standing wall. The stronger she is in mental and physical health, the stronger the wall. If Cordelia is knocked out or dead, the wall will shatter and the currents will scatter.

Cordelia can also use her water wall ability to make a wall in front of her to deflect attacks. They bounce back weapons and other, smaller dragons. This can only work below water.

Echo Blast:

Cordelia's attack is her ability to send a 'sound wave' of sorts that can push back or confuse an opponent. It sends bubbles into their face and stings lightly on contact. Continue to get hit, the stinging level will increase until it becomes painful. It is mainly used to frighten opponents or intimidate them into fleeing.

Abilities (Physical abilities):

Breathing UnderWater: Cordelia can easily process water like a fish, and can also go above water.

Speed: Cordelia can go at 75MPH in the water, and her top speed on land is 30MPH due to her inexperience on hard soil.

Sample RP post:
Alt If Applicable:
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PostSubject: Re: Cordelia, Jewel Of The Sea   Fri Oct 07, 2016 7:03 pm

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Cordelia, Jewel Of The Sea
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