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 Adelmo, Noble Protector

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PostSubject: Adelmo, Noble Protector    Fri Sep 23, 2016 10:31 am

General Information:

Name: Adelmo
Alias (Nicknames):
Gender: Male
Age (State this in human years): 41
Sexuality: Straight
Species: Griffin
Faction: Empire


Scale/Feather/etc Appearance:

Adelmo's feathers are a light, almost pale brown in colour, and become very smooth on his skull.
Height: 30 FT
Length: 40 FT
Wingspan: 80 FT
Eye colour: Dark brown

Appearance (give at least a 5 sentence paragraph!):

Adelmo is a gigantic griffin with quite a normal appearance. His feathers, long and slender, scatter and become rough at the back of his wings His tail, a lion's tail in shape yet brown in colour, is long and can be used like a whip to strike his enemies. Adelmo's beak is yellow.

His talons are monstrous looking, spanning out a good three inches. His beak is blunted at the end, but can fracture bones with the power.

With a well muscled body, huge size and horrifying claws, Adelmo is quite a thuggish looking griffin that should not be meddled with.


Likes: Hatchlings, making himself useful to the tribe, training, fighting
Dislikes: Sitting around all the time, having cheek given to him
Fears: Water, letting down his tribe, allowing someone he loves and trusts to be killed
Personality (At least 5 sentences!):

His appearance makes Adelmo look intimidating and frightening, but if you do deeper then the skin, you will discover a completely different personality.

Adelmo may enjoy the rush of battle and being the dominant one in a room, but he is a very noble and honest griffin, and tries his best to do the right thing and make the right decisions. He is trust-worthy and welcoming of any dragons, phoenixes, griffins or whatever, regardless of background or appearance.

Adelmo is a killer in instinct, protector in nature. He will defend his tribe with everything he's got. If there's a battle being waged, he will be on the front lines, fighting for his king and queen.

Adelmo is also quite the fatherly character. Having once been a parent, he is quite protective of anybody he cares for, but is extremely protective of hatchlings. He is quite willing to take a young one under his wing for however long is needed. The hatchling may receive tough love a lot of the time, and Adelmo will not hesitate to put somebody in their place, be it a hatchling or adult, but underneath his 'thud appearance,' he is a very kind hearted, gentle old soul. That is, when he's not fighting.


Family (Blood): Theodore (Younger brother, dead) Mirage (Mother, unknown) Titan (Father, unknown)
Family (In-laws): Illusion (Father in law, dead) Jewel (Mother in-law, unknown) Opaline (Sister in law, unknown)
Mate (put N/A if she/he has no mate): Lucy (Former, deceased) but otherwise N/A
Hatchlings (Put N/A if she/he has no hatchlings): N/A
Breed (is your character a pureblood or a hybrid?): Purebred

History (At least a 5 sentence paragraph!):

Adelmo was raised by loving parents, and a good few years later he was joined by his younger brother, Theodore. Adelmo was the reckless one, always showing cheek and quick to anger, and always asking questions.

That is, until he met Lucy.

Named a human name, oddly enough, Lucy was an unusual character, both eccentric and sensible, both quiet and loud. They met when Adelmo crashed into her during a test flight. At first, he thought she was boring, but there was something about her that.. intrigued him. He began to run into her again, and again, and they became close friends. When Adelmo began to gain feelings for the female griffin, Theodore did his best to embarrass him whenever Lucy was around, and usually received a good old beating from Adelmo every time. But they were close as brothers.

Lucy and Adelmo became mates, and they had hatchlings together. Well, eggs, but same thing. Adelmo was happy for the first few weeks, overjoyed at becoming a father. He planned on naming one of the boys Theodore, after his brother.

But, as every sad story is told, that wasn't to last.

Adelmo came home one day to find blood spilling out of his cave. Griffin and dragon's blood. Panicking, he dropped the elk he had caught and rushed inside.

His mate, dead, his eggs, smashed, the shells scattered all over the floor.

Adelmo screamed, and as he did, he caught movement out of the corner of his eye. The eighteen year old male turned his head just in time to see a tail blade come flying towards him. Adelmo didn't have time to react.

Then, his father in-law, Illusion, leaped in front of him, the blade sinking into his throat with a horrifying crunch, like somebody biting into an apple.

Illusion fell, and Adelmo watched as a dragon emerged from the darkness. A ShadowScale. The rage and grief filled Adelmo's heart, and he shrieked, dashing for the ShadowScale, who roared and charged.

The two collided with a force that shook the earth, smashing against the walls, falling to the floor and tumbling, they tore each other's flesh apart.

The ShadowScale gained the upper hand, and kicked Adelmo off him, sending him into a wall. As he laid there, Adelmo watched the dragon stand and crouch, snarling, and as he approached, Adelmo saw the crazed look in his eyes.

Just as the maniac dragon reached him and raised it's tail to shoot a blade into his head, Theodore charged in, screaming and roaring, ramming into the slightly larger dragon and sending him against the wall.

While Adelmo tried to rise through his grunts of effort and pain, he saw the two tearing away at each other. Theodore screamed in pain as the dragon scraped right across his eye, and Adelmo roared his name as the dragon got him by the throat, and broke his neck.

Adelmo saw the life seep out of Theodore's eyes, and then the dragon dropped the body. He glared at Adelmo, before dashing out of the cave, somehow deciding to spare him.

When the two pairs of parents rushed into the cave, they found Adelmo leaned up against the wall by his brother, head on Theodore's shoulder. Adelmo's mother screamed, and rushed over to the two. Her wails were such a haunting sound as she mourned her dead son, and the cave was soon filled with the crying of the two mothers. Mirage mourned over her son while Jewel cried over her daughter. When Opaline, Lucy's sister, landed outside the cave and saw what had happened, she rushed to her sister's side and buried her head in her crying father's chest.

Then, she turned on Adelmo, who was gazing at his mate's body with a new emptiness in his eyes. "YOU LET HER DIE!" She screamed. Her parents tried to soothe her, but she marched over to Adelmo, who scrambled back. "GET OUT! GET OUT! YOU LET HER DIE!" She screamed, and drove Adelmo out of the cave, who took off and never looked back. He found the Empire and joined up to get away from it all.

For the next thirty years, Adelmo trained and trained, vowing to never let the same thing happen again.



Strength: Adelmo is shockingly powerful. He can push things much heavier then what an average creature could even hope to push. His strength can overpower many things, including opponents in battle. Basically, Adelmo is a walking tank.

Intelligence: Adelmo is quite cunning, able to see things before they happen in battle. He can read other creatures like he can read a book. He can pull tricks in battle, such as tricking his opponents into thinking he's going to do one thing, but then doing another.


Speed: Adelmo isn't very fast, only able to go at about 40 MPH in the air. He finds it easy to dive, but hard to control and has trouble doing sharp turns in the air. He can do 30 miles on the ground.

Water: Adelmo can't swim. He has reoccurring nightmares about drowning, which is why he is nervous around water. On top of being unable to swim, Adelmo is very frightened of water and won't even step in it. He doesn't mind looking at it or going near it, he just fears going into it.

Abilities (Magic abilities):

Mystic Vision: When Adelmo looks into pools of water, he can conjure an image, be it of another location or another creature. All he has to do is picture the place or creature he wants to see, and focus the mental energy on the pool. It then can show a moving image of whatever he wants to see. He can only do this for about three minutes before he has to stop.

Abilities (Physical abilities):

Adelmo can push things below 2000 KGS.

He can go at 40 MPH in the air.

He can run at 30 MPH on the ground.
Sample RP post:
Alt If Applicable:
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PostSubject: Re: Adelmo, Noble Protector    Fri Sep 23, 2016 2:04 pm

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Adelmo, Noble Protector
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