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 Astaria, Goddess Of Death And Stars

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PostSubject: Astaria, Goddess Of Death And Stars    Sat Sep 10, 2016 9:18 pm

General Information:

Name: Astaria
Alias (Nicknames): Asa, Asta, Ria, Lady Shadow
Gender: Female
Age (State this in human years): Unknown
Sexuality: Bisexual
Species: ShadowScale
Faction: The Shadows
Rank: Rogue


Scale/Feather/etc Appearance:
Astaria's scales resemble that of a fish's scales.
Height: 60 feet
Weight: 2500 KGS
Length: 80 feet
Wingspan: 160 feet
Eye colour: White and black

Appearance (give at least a 5 sentence paragraph!):

Likes: Astaria's favorite thing to do is fly through the night sky, and fly with the stars, a pleasure she only gets to enjoy every once in a while. She adores the feeling of the wind against her scales and the thrill of the dive as she comes in to land, something basically all dragons take for granted.
Astaria also has an appreciation for the arts. Due to her years spent down in her lair, she barely ever gets out. This means she loves the colors of the illustrations of the mind. She is always drawing. Always. While her drawings are not the best, what makes them her own is the amount of raw color she tries to splash onto the canvas. She loves any bright and dark colors mixed together.
Astaria also enjoys reading (which takes up basically all of her time most days) and writing things down that pop into her head. She likes to gain knowledge from the outside world and learn about it, and admire from afar.
Astaria enjoys being nosy. It's one of her quirks. She loves to find out the secrets of others due to her curiosity of the mortals and their affairs.
Astaria loves puzzles and mysteries. She loves piecing together the ideas and theories of mortal affairs and solving the mystery. She also likes PHYSICAL puzzles, like hatchling's puzzles and wooden toys that had to be shaped  certain way. This is part of her childish nature.

Dislikes: Astaria hates dragons that try to stand up to her. She also dislikes being asked out of the lair, due to her fears and insecurities.
Fears: Astaria is afraid of the public eye. She knows she is hated and criticized by many, and depicted as a mindless beast capable only of death, destruction and hated. Lady Shadow. She hates the idea of being taunted or insulted, as it would be very easy to get to her.
Personality (At least 5 sentences!):

Astaria is a well muscled dragoness, with black scales that are shaped like fish scales. Her wing skin has a very faint silver tinge to it, and shows up better in dark lighting with one light source pointed at her. She has silvery-grey scales lining her stomach that start at the base of her chin and end near the tip of her tail.
Her tail is long, with several, bendy spikes starting just behind her frill and ending at the very tip of her tail, which is sharp and bladed. Her spikes aren't really for hitting or stabbing with, they're more for showing emotion. If she is sad or in any way emotionally drained, or relaxed and content, they will press flat against her back. If she is angered, anxious, excited, agitated or frightened, they will stand on end.
Her wings double up as both flight givers and legs. They each have a three clawed hand on the end of them, with sharp talons made for gripping rather then slashing.
Astaria has dark eyes that are framed by a white outline where the eyeball meets the skin. The outline is a startling white, reminding one of the hazy edge of the moon. Her pupils are dark, but they occasionally flash white depending on the lighting.


At the first several glances, Astaria appears as a cold-blooded, sarcastic, passive aggressive and spiteful dragoness who likes to belittle others. All of this is true. Sarcasm is her middle name, and she takes great pleasure out of taking out her emotions on other, helpless creatures. She is a very dominant dragoness, and hates talking to the mortals in general unless she begins the conversation. She is rarely ever seen with a smile, the closest thing ever seen being a smirk.

Beneath the surface, however, Astaria turns out to be an insecure, very lonely beast. She likes to stay out of the spotlight whenever possible, and only speaks when she feels necessary, be it for her own amusement or to voice her opinion. She feels the instinct to protect her mate in a way most dragons could not feel.

Astaria rarely intervenes with mortal affairs or messes with them. No, she is a watcher, a shadow. An observer. Mortals intrigue her to no end, she just hates talking to them and dealing with their stupidity.

Astaria has a tiny soft spot for hatchlings. If she ever saw one in danger, and there was no possible escape for it, she would step in and protect it. The fact she is the Goddess Of Death, to some, may conflict with this aspect of her personality, but Astaria only takes lives that are at the end of their span, and a hatchling, in her code, has not begun to live just yet.

Astaria is very cautious and untrusting of strangers. She finds it almost impossible to learn how to trust, and even harder to love.

She is very lonely, having been made to be a solitary beast, but she turned out to like socialising, to like company. Because of the years of studying and just reading, her social skills have become.. well, less then the modern day's standard, which leads to her distrusting and disliking of approaching mortals. Some may even say she is a shy beast.

Astaria has two quirks. One is her OCD. Astaria's lair is very neat. If something is not clean, the specks of dust will always catch her eye and make her agitated. This is why she is always spotless. Unless it is in battle, in which case she will be COVERED in blood.
The second quirk is her nosiness. Astaria is OBSESSED with the secrets of mortals, be it political mysteries, crushes, anything like that will always catch her interest and hold it there until she finds out what she wants to find out.

The best part of Astaria is her childlike wonder for the world. You put her in a room of artifacts and historical items and she will never come out. Her eyes will widen a certain way and fill with a light barely ever seen, like the twinkle of a star. Her love for historical things and funny trinkets is her childlike side only her mate has managed to see for himself.


Family (Blood):
Family (In-laws):
Mate (put N/A if she/he has no mate): Arkhor
Hatchlings (Put N/A if she/he has no hatchlings): N/A
Breed (is your character a pureblood or a hybrid?): Pureblood ShadowScale

History (At least a 5 sentence paragraph!):

Astaria's history can be found here: http://untamedskiesrp.forumotion.co.uk/t8-ellesmera-creation#11



Astaria is extremely intelligent. Countless years of reading, reading, and reading has given her loads of knowledge on many things.

Astaria is able to silence others with a mere glance. How this is a strength? Well let's say she needed someone to shut up. This is mainly because of her dominance and intimidating aura that surround her. Due to her sinister vibe and rather frightening abilities, she is a well respected dragoness, mainly out of fear, which means that she can take control of a situation when necessary by using mere body language. Rarely will she have to resort to words for this to take effect.
Despite Astaria's knowledge, she hasn't a clue on how to actually USE it. Since she has had barely any experience in the world above her lair, she doesn't know what to DO with all her knowledge. This leads to her making mistakes despite knowing what to do. It's like riding a bicycle. You know how to do it, but you can't do it straight away. This means speaking to others is very hard for her.

Astaria finds it very hard to express herself. Which leads to her anger and sudden lashing out. She tends to keep things bottled in and contained until she unleashes it in a torrent of rage and shadowy fire.

Astaria's extreme curiosity can lead her to getting distracted during certain things. This could affect her if she was ever in a public place and someone was talking. It would go in one ear and out the other because she was so focused on that one smell that had filled the air a moment ago.

Abilities (Magic abilities):

Moon Watching: Astaria can look into a pool of water and conjure an image that can deliver sound and visuals of whatever she wants to see. She can use this to listen in on conversations, or just to check up on the different tribes. She can do this for about five minutes before she has to stop or else she'll get a horribly headache for a few hours.

Shadow Breath Astaria can breathe black fire that freezes instead of burns. It cannot freeze a dragon solid, but it is extremely, extremely cold and can give a dragon frostbite if they have too much contact with it. Astaria's Shadow Breath acts like fire, looks like fire, but is extremely cold rather then extremely hot.

Shift Objects Astaria can shift objects by using wind. She can use the air to push objects such as tables, stone, whatever. She can push things with this power which are underneath 700 KGS.

Wind Gust Astaria can send powerful gusts of wind hurtling at her enemy, and can manipulate it to pull and push certain body parts, but it requires full concentration. The moment the concentration is broken the wind will go back to it's normal state, which is just air.

Shadow Blades: Astaria can form black blades of shadow that will slice and nip at an opponent. They are not entirely solid, more air then anything else, but they pack quite the punch, delivering cuts and scrapes. It feels more like a punch then a blade making contact with your skin. Or scales.

Abilities (Physical abilities):

Astaria isn't very strong, so she can only push things around that are below 1600 KGS.

She is quite fast, her top speed being sixty five miles an hour.

Sample RP post:

*stares at you*

Alt If Applicable:

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PostSubject: Re: Astaria, Goddess Of Death And Stars    Sun Sep 11, 2016 1:44 am

Hey, Alanna. Could you please reply to my PM?
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PostSubject: Re: Astaria, Goddess Of Death And Stars    Sun Oct 02, 2016 12:50 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Astaria, Goddess Of Death And Stars    Fri Oct 07, 2016 6:42 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Astaria, Goddess Of Death And Stars    

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Astaria, Goddess Of Death And Stars
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