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 Imperia, the lady of chaos. <3

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PostSubject: Imperia, the lady of chaos. <3   Sun Sep 04, 2016 10:58 am


General Information:

Name: Imperia
Alias: Appreciates pet names and nicknames, but doesn’t insist on being called by any specific name. Lady of Chaos is a joke name she was once called that she felt suited her rather well.
Gender: Female
Age: Between 20 and 40, but otherwise hard to determine. Looks and acts immature.
Sexuality: Bisexual/Pansexual, and very supportive of open relationships  
Species: Dragon
Faction: Currently wild, but looking for alliances
Rank: Whatever suits her mood. She can apply her enthusiasm to most positions. Usually a scholar due to her love of teaching.


Scale/Feather/etc Appearance:
Silver scales, very smooth. Her scales are soft, but very tough. She also has a precise sense of touch, especially in her wings.
Height: Under 15 feet tall, with all four paws on the ground.
Weight: Very light for her size due to slender proportions and a body built for flying.
Length: Approximately 40 feet, with tail and neck included.
Wingspan: Approximately 60 feet
Eye colour: Blue

Imperia is a quadrupedal dragoness with two wings. She’s extremely slender (she’d call herself petite). Voluptuous and curvy. Imperia likes to deliberately pose and sashay in order to accentuate her figure and look sexier. She loves being stared at. Her wings are very large for her size, and her tail is quite long. She has two horns on her head and claws, but she has no other sharp edges, frills, spines or fins.
She has fun dressing up, and particularly favours red, but she tends not to wear anything most of the time.
She wields a long golden spear called the Dragonslayer. It’s appearance can change depending on what she requires from it.


Likes: Imperia loves socializing and having (romantic) affairs with other dragons, but she also tends to take on a mother or big sister role to younger dragons or anyone who she feels needs some cheering up. Being a friend and partner to others takes up most of her time.
She likes to read and to study, but she tends to focus only on interesting hobbies. She likes art, and fancies herself as being good at architecture and interior design. She also likes singing and dancing, as well as giving massages.
Imperia is a teacher at heart, she’ll gravitate towards taking a mentor role, but she does it in her own immature fashion. She might not be violent, but she does enjoy play fights against others, especially if she’s teaching them how to fight.
Dislikes: Imperia dislikes being bored, and menial labour is a definite ‘no thankyou’. Cruelty is one of the things that she hates most, and she’ll do everything in her power to get rid of it. She has no specific other dislikes.
Fears: Imperia’s greatest fear is being lonely or being hated. Her personality hides deep insecurity that she’s never quite able to overcome. She doesn’t let it affect her life usually, but the idea of being worthless utterly terrifies her.
Personality: Unfailingly kind, passionate and optimistic. Imperia is an idealist with a strong romantic streak. Her philosophy of life is simply: If it’s fun, then it should be done. She cares deeply about others and she wants everyone to live happily, she doesn’t like violence and supports world peace in every way she can. She tends to be warm and attentive, as well as rather flirtatious, but displays pride and arrogance on occasion. She’s immensely sassy and considers herself to be practically perfect. She simply cannot resist attention, and adores flattery.
Despite having the best interests of everyone at her heart she often goes too far, coming across as depraved or getting others hurt accidentally because she’s too caught up in her own ideas. She has a submissive and courteous nature, but she also manipulates others. She has a merciless side, and will smile while stabbing someone in the back if she thinks that they deserve it. She’ll also surrender easily, or run away from a fight that she doesn’t feel desperate to win. She’s a capable fighter, but she very rarely relies on her abilities.


Family: None
Family: A twin sister. (Who may or may not ever be involved in rp)
Mate: Imperia has had several affairs with other dragons, and she’s always looking for romance, but she has no mate.
Hatchlings: None, but planning to have some someday
Breed: Pure breed dragon

History: Long and complicated. Here are the important bits:
As a hatchling and child Imperia was taught her wind magic in a small dragon village that was renowned for its teaching arts. The village was neutral, but affiliated with the Ember Alliance and on the very edge of their territory. It was wiped out during a war. She was captured and made a slave by the victorious army. She learned that it was better to surrender then it was to be destroyed, and she suffered humiliation quietly. After about a year she had a chance to escape and took it. She was a refugee for a while, but she was treated kindly in the city to which she fled, and it soon became her life’s goal to make the world a peaceful and kind place, where nobody would need to go through anything like what had happened to her.


Strengths: Imperia is a brilliant tactician, and an extremely quick thinker. Her greatest advantage is always her speed and flexibility in both a mental and a physical sense. She’s a master at finding ways to solve problems and disagreements. Her good image is one of her main strengths; she tends to find allies easily. She’s a consummate liar, but uses her powers in this area for good. She is extremely physically tough and able to take a lot of punishment without permanent damage. She’ll eventually heal from almost any nonlethal wound.
Weaknesses: Imperia’s primary weaknesses are to the few things that are faster than she is (such as lightning) stealth attacks, and attacks that are too large or wide ranged for her to dodge. She also has considerable cold vulnerability. Lowering her body temperature weakens her rapidly until she becomes helpless, death could eventually result.

Abilities (Magic abilities):
Imperia’s strongest asset is her magically enhanced agility. She can float weightlessly, turn, stop, accelerate and move around without any respect for gravity. Her quick reactions combined with instant omnidirectional movement make her extremely difficult to catch with anything but a wide area attack. Even among great fliers her aerial abilities are well above average.
Imperia can use slicing blades of wind at midrange or close range, focusing them often on her tail and her wingtips. She likes using subtle gusts of long range wind to unbalance and confuse, but she can stagger an unwary opponent even from a considerable distance with brute force.
She can magnify, shift, delay or imitate sounds flawlessly. On occasion she’ll attack using only magnified sound. She can also deflect basically any solid projectile attack, as well as charging enemies or falling objects.
Abilities (Physical abilities):
Imperia’s strength and speed are increased by her magic, and even without it she is quick and flexible, with excellent reactions. Her body is tough and resistant to damage, however she has very little in the way of brute strength.
Sample RP post: A second solitary dragon was walking along the riverbank, seeming totally unconcerned by the threatening storm.
This dragoness was silver and very slender, but with unusually large wings. She stood at about 10 feet tall and roughly 30 feet long. Aside from her claws and two small horns on her head; her body had no sharp points, fins or other adornments. Her movements were lazy and graceful, she swished her tail merrily as she walked. Her footsteps were light and she moved as if she was constantly on a catwalk, or perhaps as if she was a dragon who secretly desired to be a showpony.
She held a long golden spear casually tucked under her right wing, pressed tight against her body.

Her path would take this dragoness within ten metres of the other dragonesque creature, but the silver's wandering gaze had not yet picked up on the still form lying mostly in the calm waters. She was looking up at the sky, idly watching the storm gather, and shooting occasional glances out to the horizon, just in case danger approached or something interesting was happening somewhere.
Alt If Applicable: None, and I have no plans to add any.

Last edited by Imperia on Mon Sep 05, 2016 12:27 am; edited 1 time in total
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PostSubject: Re: Imperia, the lady of chaos. <3   Sun Sep 04, 2016 12:50 pm

Looking good, but as for the faction could you confirm if you want to be a wild dragon or part of a faction Razz
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PostSubject: Re: Imperia, the lady of chaos. <3   Mon Sep 05, 2016 12:29 am

Bumped and changed.
*Bumps Arkhor with her hip.* =p
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PostSubject: Re: Imperia, the lady of chaos. <3   Mon Sep 05, 2016 1:27 am

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PostSubject: Re: Imperia, the lady of chaos. <3   

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Imperia, the lady of chaos. <3
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