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 The Factions - Lore

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PostSubject: The Factions - Lore   Mon Jul 11, 2016 4:31 pm

The Tidal Domain

Mostly a peaceful faction the Tidal possess the best healers and scholars in the whole of Ellesmera, while ruled by an Emperor with his/her republic they are separated from the main land. Their territory mainly consists of small islands not to far off the coast of the mainland, in the past the Tidal where a common place to hold meetings on neutral grounds. Though don't be fooled by their peaceful nature as they mainly live in the sea which surrounds them, which gives them an advantage being in their domain. Along with the factions apart from the shadows they are heavily influenced by religion. The capitol is mostly underwater yet the surface is build upon an island above being quite impressive in the tropical region. Building mainly made of bedrock and sand they make use of coral decorating the structures like certain doorways. With being Sea Scales there are many pools and around the capitol leading towards the ocean for quick access around the city.

Due to being in a tropical climate they have frequent storms but due to their underwater homes they aren't effected by the wind and waves only the surface would be effected which they have appropriate procedures with shelters. With being the most advanced of the factions their military force is rather small compared to others therefore only the best of the faction are required, if your accepted into the military its a great honor.  

The Sky Empire

Located on the west side of the main land The Sky Empire has the largest of capitols as they specialise in architecture creating beautiful large structures reaching towards the clouds. Similar to the Tide they are peaceful though justice seekers aiming to protect the world. Masters of armor and scouting as the Empire consists of both large and fast dragons. While the small and nimble take to the skies the armored dragons act as shields and brute force. Their territory mainly contains woodland and mountainous terrain as they get their building material from the local quarries of sandstone reinforced with mortar, providing the iconic yellow/golden sun like colour to match their general scale colour.

The Sky Empire is ruled by a King/Queen, yet similar to a council they hold a system of a knight court where each has the right to speak about the kingdom. Being a Knight is the highest honor within the empire, most are powerful warriors or tacticians protecting the realm creating a peaceful and civilized territory. The Empire have good relations with the Tidal as they share ideology for a peaceful world. Yet the Empire is seen as vulnerable against the other two factions.    

The Shadow Kingdom

The Shadows are a mysterious people as much about them isn't known, smallest of the factions they reside in the north far from any borders. Their capitol is formed out of dark crystals like pillars of ice, those who have visited say its a beautiful and unique sight. Though their beauty isn't the reason for their creation, as the Shadows are the most knowledgeable for magic and stealth. Most say that the Shadow's spies are everywhere and they wouldn't be wrong with them keeping check on all factions, mainly just to gain information to protect themselves from a future which could lead to destruction.

Their territory is hidden away in the coldest of places within frozen wastes of icy peaks. Ruled by a queen/king but their magical council has a high amount of power within the faction, ruled by an Arch mage the most powerful of the faction.

The Ember Alliance

The Alliance is the most powerful and proudest of the factions, boasting numbers and sheer force. Yet they lack advancement leading more towards the days of old. Similar to a great clan/tribe they are feared for the damage they could cause, as in the past they attacked the Sky Empire which lead to the 20 years war which was swiftly ended thanks to peace talks. Mostly are fire and earth dragons which are the most dangerous, yet they do respect an honor system towards warriors. Even with their aggressive nature they still show hope to improve as not all are blood thirsty very much like brilliant tacticians and ingenious weapon smiths. Currently not at war they still take part in ceasefire talks against other factions. The Empire and Tide fear that the Ember would form an alliance with the Shadows as that would mean certain chaos within the region, yet with the alliance's previous grievances its unlikely without good reason.

The Ember's lands are mostly barren due to their fiery nature caused by multiple civil wars and devastation from the volcanoes. Their capitol is in the mountains which mostly are volcanoes which they loved due to the heat. Again like the Empire the Alliance is ruled by a King/Queen yet their word is final and dragons who dare to defy would result in imprisonment best case or killed on the spot. Though civil wars have been fought leading to rises and falls of Kings & Queens.
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The Factions - Lore
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